Jaguar Sun teams up with Husbands for collaborative single “First Time Caller”.

Dreamy artist Jaguar Sun has joined pop-duo Husbands to produce their latest collaborative single, the anthemic “First Time Caller”. Having embarked on a joint tour across the USA and Canada this month, the two are proving to be a musical match made in heaven.


Jaguar Sun is the solo project of Chris Minielly, an artist born and based in Toronto, Canada. Building his fanbase for a sound that experiments with pop-centric soundscapes, Jaguar Sun has accumulated over 50 million cross-platform streams. A duo from Oklahoma City, Husbands consists of songwriters Danny Davis and Wil Norton. Meeting at college, their debut album ‘Golden Year’ had unlikely origins, born from directing a Godzilla musical.


New track “First Time Caller” tells a narrative of mixed emotions, hopeful yet introspective. About the record, the pair describe: “‘First Time Caller’ is a song about being in a different emotional place than someone close to you who is going through a hard time and trying to bridge the gap and express an understanding, despite a feeling of growing distance.” They continue: “Essentially, it’s about trying to be a good friend. It’s Husbands’ first official collaboration song with anybody and we’re stoked we could do it together. Old fans, first-time collaborators.”