Scouse psychedelic crooner Brad stank reveals his musical firsts, ahead of the release of his sophomore album, In The Midst of You.

Brad stank oozes cool. His easy-breezy productions revel in a revitalised psychedelia, akin to slacker pop prophets like Mac Demarco, but drawing such comparisons only tells half of the story. Resolutely romantic, his stoner baritone holds a flirtatious charm, which alongside stripped-back jazz and indie instrumentation, seduces you into a state of content. Producing this music, he says, has helped him towards a personal path of enlightenment and we feel that his forthcoming record, In The Midst of You will help you to do the same.  


Recorded in Bermondsey with Andy Ramsey of Anglo-French avant-poppers Stereolab, the album submerges itself in a lo-fi haze. Ignacio Salvadores (Gal Go), who plays in King Krule’s band, pops up with the occasional saxophone solo, drifting in and out of the project like a steady current pulling pebbles away from the shore. The 10 tracks feel just as relaxing as so, bringing an after-hours vibe ready for jazz bars or summer evenings alike. 


On ‘Cry Baby’, Brad’s most recent single, the self-confessed Scouse psychedelic crooner enlists Notion cover star Lord Apex for a soul-searching collaboration. Woozy and wistful, the track stands as one of the artist’s favourites he’s ever made: a “slowie”, as he described on Instagram, that tugs at your heart and leaves you craving more from the album.  


Set for release on January 26, In The Midst of You, might be Brad’s most accomplished work to date. But before it blesses your ears, we caught up with the songwriter to discuss his musical firsts, from mosh pit dreams to meeting Bombay Bicycle Club at 15. Tap in below. 

First song you ever made?

I couldn’t say… I was definitely repressed whatever it was!

First time you fell in love with music?
I loved 50 Cent as a kid but hearing Nirvana changed my life and opened up so much, so I’ll say hearing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ for the first time.
First CD or record you owned?
Get Rich or Die Tryin !!
First time you realised you wanted to be an artist?
Watching live videos of bands I loved as a kid: that raw live energy, wanting to be on the stage… I probably imagined more mosh pits at that point.
First gig you went to?
It would have been some emo band in my hometown. It’s a vague memory now but I remember the feeling of being super excited and inspired afterwards.
First time you faced an obstacle in your career?
I’d say learning how the industry works, and learning how to make a little money from your passion. Every day is part of the learning curve!
First instrument you owned?
There are photos of me in my mum’s house somewhere with a drum kit at like two years old. I had a very cheap acoustic guitar when I was maybe 7 or 8 too.
First time you felt like giving up?
That feeling comes sometimes when you get in a creative rut. I couldn’t really say the first time but you just have to relax a little bit and let the inspiration come back to you; it always does.
First time you felt starstruck?
Meeting Bombay Bicycle Club at their Birmingham show when I was maybe 15. I was obsessed with them then and still have a lot of love for them now! They were a huge inspiration for teenage B.
First time you ticked off a bucket list goal?
Probably the first long tour with my old band Trudy and the Romance. As a young and hungry musician, all you wanna do is go and play in little rooms packed with people every night! It’s a great feeling and it’s still my favourite part of playing music now.

Listen to 'Cry Baby' featuring Lord Apex now: