To celebrate the release of his debut album, ‘L.I.T.A’, Camidoh talks his musical firsts, from starstruck Sarkodie moments to bossing the Afrobeats charts.

Camidoh is the Ghanaian popstar using his platform for the greater good. Since releasing his 15-track Odyssey ‘L.I.T.A (Love Is The Answer)’, the vibrant voice has spread positive vibes in and out of the booth. A love letter to his country, the project represents a joyful and sonically adventurous approach to music. Launching the charity initiative ‘Save The Kids With Camidoh’, which helps to raise funds for single mothers unable to pay hospital bills, is another way in which the singer-songwriter is championing and supporting his local community. 


Breaking from Ghana’s ambitious Afropop scene with the viral hit ‘Sugarcane’, Camidoh has since racked up millions of TikTok creations and views alike. The Afrobeats anthem features Darko, Mayorkun and Promise on its remix, characterising the country’s rich pool of talent. Sarkodie, Stonbwoy and Amaarae are just a handful of names that also lend their voices across ‘L.I.T.A’. Defined by exuberant energy, the album’s piano-led melodies and poignant lyricism feel innovative, dazzling with unconventional and commercial aspects that combine in a transcendental fashion. 


To celebrate the release of his debut album, Camidoh talks his musical firsts, from starstruck Sarkodie moments to bossing the Afrobeats charts. 

First song you ever made?

I can’t remember the first song I ever made, but the first song I ever made that went mainstream was “For My Lover” featuring Darkoo. It’s an amazing song.

First CD or record you owned?

That would be Akon – ‘Convicted’, which I think came out in 2006. That was the first album I ever owned.

First time you realised you wanted to do music full time?

In 2008, at around November/December time. I remember because I was in high school, I was sitting down and considering what I’d achieved, and thinking about how much peace, love and happiness music has brought me. That’s when I decided to make it full-time.

First gig and first festival you went to?

My first gig was in Ho, in the Volta region, at a street carnival. But my first festival was Afronation – that was my first big stage! Love to their team man.

First time you faced an obstacle in your career?

Oh my days! I think it was the first day, trying to get a studio session. I was like, ‘I’ve written a song and now I want to record but I need to find money!’ Money, that was the first obstacle I guess.

First instrument you owned?

It was a microphone, a Rode NT one. I’ll never forget it.

First time you felt like giving up?

I’ve never felt like giving up. In my 15-16 years of doing music, I’ve never wanted to give up. This is what I want to do.

First time you felt starstruck?

That was when I met Sardokie, who is now one of my mentors. I saw him come to our studio with Acehood and some fans. When I saw him get down from the car, I was like ‘God Damn! This is the guy’, so shout out to King Sark.

First time you realised you’d made it?

When “Sugarcane” got on the Billboard chart! I was like, ‘Yo, God damn bro we are here!’ We started to feel our presence globally and I thought maybe we made it. Although I try not to ride with that mentality, that moment stood out for me.

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