As he forges his own space in the bedroom pop world, we catch up with denn. to talk about his musical firsts, from finding inspiration in his friends to an earth-shattering Quinnie show.

Growing up, your bedroom is the centre of your universe. You’ll often hear artists talk about their bedrooms becoming studios, venues, and stages of their own—foundational spaces in their lives—and this is certainly the case for denn.. With his finger on the pulse of the bedroom-pop scene, he’s been able to connect with fans across the globe. Based in NYC, he has harboured a love of making music through the pain of a bittersweet breakup. He found that making music could help him channel negative emotion through his unique sonic landscape.


denn. has an uncanny ability to swerve between melancholy and tranquillity. In an age where indie has become a factory of monotony, denn. strays away from cliché. Each single is carefully considered and utterly vulnerable, weaving together emotionally charged indie-folk with catchy pop hooks, releasing real DIY tear-jerkers into the world. Taking inspiration from some of the most seasoned creators of so-called ‘sad indie’ music, like Phoebe Bridgers and Fiona Apple, his music explores the ugly side of romance and the debris of heartbreak.


As the saying goes: every cloud has a silver lining, and despite facing challenges, denn. is gearing up for the release of his debut EP later this year. His music is a source of comfort, embroidering his tracks with ethereal lo-fi beats and echoing vocals healing the souls of broken hearts and people in their feels. His most streamed tune ‘rottenteeth’ explores his battle with mental health while his latest single ‘think.’ flutters through helium-induced vocals and melancholic hip-hop, showcasing a new avenue of his talent.


As he continues to push boundaries and gain inspiration from fellow emerging artists, we chat denn.’s music firsts, finding out just how important his friends are to his creative pursuits.

First time you fell in love with music?

When my friend Josie and I were staying at our friend Violet’s house for a month and listened to Searows album Guard Dog whilst drunk at three am last year. We cried for hours and talked about everything that meant anything to us that night. It shattered us and changed me forever. I had liked songs before and even adored them but that was the first time I loved any.

First song you were infatuated with?

‘Ignorance’ by Paramore! My sister used to have it downloaded on her iPhone 3G when I was a kid and I’d steal it to “play games”, but I was just listening to that song over and over.

First gig you ever played?

I’ve never played any I’m so afraid, since I can’t sing well! Unless you count the time in 4th grade me and my friends made a boy band and sang Big Time Rush songs to our crushes on field day.

First time you worked with someone who you admired?

I haven’t got there yet since I mostly work alone in my room! But I do admire myself and I work with myself every day.

First person you’d recruit if you had a band?

My friend Talen! She is so incredibly talented and her songwriting is so insanely good she just doesn’t realise it yet. Or Sabrina Sterling who is my current favorite artist of all time. Her song ‘World’s Biggest Hypocrite’ is why I started releasing music.

First time you felt starstruck?

Watching Quinnie play live in New York City! I got to go on the guest list for the first time ever, so I was already hyped. Then she sang, and I swear my legs went weak. I felt like I had to sit down. It was so earth-shattering.

First thing on your rider?

Arizona Ice Tea!

First track you play when handed the aux?

‘Good Luck. babe!’ by Chappell Roan or any glaive song ever.

First artist you’d add to your dream festival line up?

Fiona Apple

First purchase after a major music cheque?

A huge apartment or house and I’d invite all my closest friends to live in it. I think I’d never feel sad again if I did that.

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