As they continue to break rap’s mould, breakout bestie duo Flyana Boss talk their musical firsts: from swooning over COWBOY CARTER to admiring each other’s work ethic.

Flyana Boss are more than just your run-of-the-mill duo—they’re running riot over the rap game, breaking the genre’s archaic stereotypes with their eclectic palette and their self-professed weirdness. How are they breaking these traditions? Well, the duo is leading the “Vagina Dynasty”—a symbol of the “divine feminine world”, where they foster female friendship, empowerment and community through every lyric they pen and every anthemic beat they craft.


Chances are you’ve seen the bestie duo on your FYP. If you come across a pair sporting pointy elf ears, rocking noughties attire and boasting vibrant neon locks while effortlessly delivering hard-hitting bars, chances are you’ve encountered Flyana Boss. Composed of MC and multi-instrumentalists Bobbi LaNe and Folayan, the bestie pair exude Black girl joy and inspire other young Black people to be unapologetically themselves.


Releasing tracks filled with witty rhymes, gritty production, confident expression and ownership of their sexuality, the pair are swiftly becoming a Gen Z favourite for their authenticity. Their bubble-gum hip-hop track, ‘You Wish’—a track they promoted through slews of videos of them running around Disneyland, IKEA, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame—reached number 1 on Spotify’s viral, piquing Missy Elliot’s ears who was such a fan she contributed a very special remix of the track.


Dropping their debut EP, This Ain’t the Album last month, the duo swiftly sent the digital realm into a frenzy. Laden with five dancefloor ready anthems, electronic grooves interplay with trap-infused beats as they carry Flyana Boss’ unmatched wordplay. From the bubbly two-minute blast of ‘yeaaa’ to the heavy-hitting energetic pulse of ‘Stupendous’, it’s a dose of club-ready verve that compels you to get up and groove.


As they bask in accolades from their EP and wrap up their debut 18-date US tour, we catch up with the breakout duo to talk their musical firsts: from swooning over COWBOY CARTER to admiring each other’s work ethic.

First time you fell in love with music?

Bobbi: Music has always been around and I’ve always enjoyed it. I was a dancing baby.

Folayan: One of the first times I fell in love with music was when I was listening in the car to an album of Deniece Williams’ greatest hits that my mum would always play. I really loved ‘Cause You Love Me Baby’. I remember thinking to myself, ‘I just want to be like this lady.’ It was a moment for me!

First song you were infatuated with?

Bobbi: ‘Never Too Much’ by Luther Vandross

Folayan: ‘A-Ticket, A-Tasket’ by Ella Fitzgerald

First gig you ever played?

Bobbi: I performed ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyoncé at an art fair in Michigan.

Folayan: I did my second grade talent show with my BFF (at the time) and we made our own dance up to ‘ABC’ by The Jackson 5. We had magic outfits…it was really cute.

First time you worked with someone who you admired?

Bobbi: Honestly, Folayan. The first time we came together, I immediately knew this was next level and something special. I really admire her talent and skill.

Folayan: Honestly, Bobbi.

Both: and Missy Elliot, wow!

First time you felt starstruck?

Folayan: Meeting André 3000 at his son’s birthday party. It’s a big flex. I was very starstruck.

Bobbi: I met Keri Washington in Whole Foods. She was in line right in front of my mum and mum went, “Are you Keri Washington?” My mum always does that. And now it’s interesting when people come up to us and ask us, “Are you Flyana Boss?”

First thing on your rider?

Both: Kombucha

First track you play when handed the aux?

Both: Right now, we’re bumping COWBOY CARTER.

First artist you’d add to your dream festival line up?

Folayan: Tyler the Creator

Bobbi: Lady Gaga

Listen to This Ain't The Album now: