Musical duo Girlpool chat about their musical firsts, from getting starstruck to ticking off bucket list goals.

Girlpool have made their name on songs tinged with poetic curiosity: a willingness to admit happily that they don’t know everything and to go forward nevertheless. However, if you’ve become accustomed to a certain sound of theirs, think again, because another thing that characterises this Los Angeles duo is their refusal to stay in one mode for long.


Their new album ‘Forgiveness’ sees Girlpool find a new niche within the proudly weird space they’ve carved out. Aiming to redefine what listeners can expect from indie music, the new tunes intersperse emotional vulnerability with trippy bouts of musical surrealism.


It’s created with the help of producer Yves Rothman, who helped the duo zero in on the curious blend of sincere and strange that they envisioned for their new collection of music. Girlpool are ready to reach outside the one-on-one mindmeld that’s been the engine of their creation thus far, and the results mark a whole new era for them.


To celebrate the release, we sat down with Avery and Harmony to chat about their musical firsts, from their first instruments to their first festivals and beyond.

First song you ever made?

Avery: “Desi I love you” about my dog


Harmony: Hmmm I don’t remember the first song I ever fully recorded but early one I remember feeling good about is actually on what Chaos is imaginary. It’s called “pretty” and I think I wrote it when I was 16 or 17 and recorded it at home and felt like .. very moved by the fact that making and recording music was something I had access to doing

First song you released officially?

Avery: I think the songs off the Girlpool EP was our first ever release


Harmony: I think the Girlpool EP was my first “official” music thing

First CD or record you owned?

Avery: Hmm I’m trying to remember but I feel like they were probably hand me downs from my sister so probably like Avril Lavigne/Spice Girls/Green Day


Harmony: Don’t remember but probably a musical theater CD Lol or like Mulan OST



First time you realised you wanted to be an artist?

Avery: I always kinda felt that way


Harmony: I feel like I just kind of knew that my whole life

First festival you went to and the first one you played at?
Avery: I think the first festival I went to was Outside Lands in SF with my family. I think FYF was our first festival to play
Harmony: First festival I went to was FYF… first one we played at I’m honestly unsure. I guess CMJ or SXSW?
First time you faced an obstacle in your career?
Avery: I think early on I had confusing feelings/tension with our band being very gendered
Harmony: *insert joke about nepotism here*
First instrument you owned?

Avery: Guitar


Harmony: A harmony Ukulele

First time you felt like giving up?

Avery: Running the mile in PE at school or maybe in math class


Harmony: Probably during the pain of being born. I think I must have immediately felt the weight and gravity and just wanted to go back in

First time you felt starstruck?

Avery: First time I looked in the mirror


Harmony: Meeting musical theatre actors as a child

First time you ticked off a bucket list goal?

Avery: I feel like going on our first tour


Harmony: Leaving LA 🫀 to experience 🙌 the world 🥵

Listen to Girlpool below: