Jossy Mitsu takes us through her musical firsts, from naming a track after a MAC lipstick to seeing Missy Elliott live.

Birmingham-born-and-raised DJ Jossy Mitsu’s taking Britain’s electronic music sphere by storm. Her most recent step towards stardom comes on the 6th of May, where she’ll play the Ministry of Sound’s new club night Melting Pot. Celebrating underground sounds and all its sub-genres, Jossy will be taking to the decks armed with her trademark selection of heavy-hitting techno, electro, breaks and everything in between.


The rising artist’s been collecting music since the age of 15, and first taught herself to DJ on turntables at the tender age of 18. Today, she hosts a weekly radio show for Rinse FM focusing on the latest club music from around the world, blending it with an uber-calm and collected hosting style.


Ahead of Melting Pot’s inaugural night, we caught up with Jossy to find out her musical firsts – from the first record she ever owned to some of her earliest tracks.

First song you ever made?

It would have been summer 2019 and a really bad edit of something. I was doing that for a while before I tried making anything original, but the first track I finished and put out was called “Whirl”, named after the MAC lipstick.

First CD or record you owned?

The first CD I bought was the Destiny’s Child ‘Destiny Fulfilled’ album which I listened to religiously (still do). I can’t remember exactly what the first record was but it was probably Mark Ronson’s first album – I was obsessed with the track “Ooh Wee” from the day I heard it in the Honey soundtrack!

First time you realised you wanted to do music full time?

I have no idea, it’s been a really gradual thing that has slowly taken up more and more of my time, like a hobby that got out of control! I’ve had quite a few random jobs over the years and I’m still interested in a lot of different things so who knows if I’ll do music full time forever.

First gig and first festival you went to?

In 2004 or 2005 I remember going to see McFly and around the same time Missy Elliott with my Dad – could they be more different? It was a job persuading my mom to let me go, but the first festival I went to was Reading when I was in secondary school which I have very fond memories of!

First time you faced an obstacle in your career?

There have been so many from the very start, but I’d say the first was literally just trying to get booked and taken seriously. It took a good few years of graft and putting myself out there before I started playing regularly.

First instrument you owned?

Definitely a recorder in primary school – I think I still have it somewhere. Then I did violin but I was literally so bad at it and it never sounded good. I’ve got an electric guitar and a flute now but ironically piano is my thing and I don’t have one!

First time you felt like giving up?

Never! Nah ,there have been a couple of moments where I’ve been burnt out and not making much money where I’ve thought about quitting but the feeling never lasts long. I know I’m stuck with music for life, so if the time comes for me to stop working in the industry I think mixing, collecting, raving and creating will always be a part of me.

First time you felt starstruck?

I don’t really get starstruck now but when I first moved to London every time I’d meet DJs or producers I knew of I’d be a bit in awe of them. To be honest the most starstruck I’ve ever been was probably meeting Kenneth Branagh when I was like 20 and he said my dress was nice.