With a promising future on her horizon, 21-year-old Afro-soul singer-songwriter LULU. talks her musical firsts, from Stevie Wonder to being starstruck by Stormzy.

Following the intuitive curiosity you have as a kid doesn’t come naturally to us all, but for LULU., it’s been a massive part of her breakthrough. Music was sewn into the fabric of her childhood, spending time in the church choir while surrounded by Highlife and Afrobeats; she has blossomed into an authentically unique artist, making music blooming with emotion.


For those unacquainted with LULU.’s work, imagine a sound that anchors you in warmth and safety. Her soul-infused beats are candidly uplifting, interplayed with intricate melodies that sway through various influences, from Lauryn Hill to Tems. Her music is sliced with one-of-a-kind lyricism and enhanced by entrancing vocals.


Ready to take on the world, the 21-year-old from south east London has dropped her debut EP, Dear Disorientated Soul. The 8-track project is punctuated by her unique sound, filled with emotion, that sets her apart from fellow UK neo-soul luminaries. Binding the tracks together is an emotional exploration of self-discovery; she sets a pasture of luscious instrumentation and layers it with poignant and vulnerable vocals. The lead single, ‘Let Go’, is a testament to her natural ability to craft soul-stirring beats, carried by rich vocals that navigate her relationship with faith.


Releasing a project laced with honesty and vulnerability, LULU is worth keeping an eye on. With such a strong start to her career and the whole world at her feet, we catch up with her in the hazy glow of the EP release, finding out about her musical firsts: from early days in the church choir to a starstruck encounter with Stormzy.

First time you fell in love with music?

Around the age of 7. I fell in love with music because of my dad. Growing up, he always listened to music, blasting it on big old stereo speakers. He played in church as often as he could and from then on I became obsessed with it. I felt the joy it brings just as much as my dad did.

First song you were infatuated with?

‘Looking for You’ by Kirk Franklin.

First gig you ever played?

The Moustache Bar in Dalston

First time you worked with someone who you admired?

I worked with Sammy Soso for the first time last year and that’s someone who’s made a lot of the music I listen to.

First person you’d recruit if you had a band?

I already have a great band! But I think I’d get Stevie Wonder to do the keys.

First time you felt starstruck?

I met Stormzy at Soho House.

First thing on your rider?

Lemon and ginger tea.

First track you play when handed the aux?

‘You Rock My World’ by Michael Jackson.

First artist you’d add to your dream festival line up?

Mary J. Blige.

First purchase after a major music cheque?

Some Buldak noodles from the corner shop.

Listen to Dear Disorientated Soul now: