Midas The Jagaban runs us through her musical firsts, from unreleased hits to being awestruck by The Weeknd.

Midas The Jagaban is the masked maverick front and centre of the current Afro-pop zeitgeist. Hailing from south London, but with Nigerian heritage, the artist epitomises this generation’s propensity to experiment with African genres to create something entirely new. The second edition of her revered ‘Midas Touch’ EP series is set to drop on November 17, marking a new chapter for the elusive lyricist.  


In the Yoruba part of Nigeria, Jagaban is the name given to someone who’s fearless; someone who’s unfazed by others and carries themselves with intent. Midas’ music holds similar weight. Speaking with purpose over floor-filling party anthems, the polymathic vocalist lets her lyrics do the talking. Which explains her masked persona. Wearing a variety of headpieces to disguise her identity, she wants to be judged on her art rather than any preconceived ideas one may have of her. Transparency, in the social media era, has been paramount to the success of so many rising stars, but not for Midas.  


Freestyling at school and listening to Afrobeats’ biggest names, music connected Midas with her Nigerian roots. It’s why she first forayed into making art herself. Having a diasporic upbringing allowed the Ms Banks-approved artist to provide a fresh perspective on the scene, bottling up south London’s sounds with the producers who defined her youth. The result has seen Midas experience viral moments on TikTok and build a loyal fanbase who embrace her musical metamorphoses.  


‘Louis Vitty’, featuring Cameroonian superstar Tay C, is a shuffling earworm taken from ‘Midas Touch Vol 2’. The project, set for release next month, promises more moments of her uniquely thrilling sound, fusing hypnotic Afrobeats with dazzling R&B. To celebrate its release, here, we spoke with Midas The Jagaban about her musical firsts, from unreleased hits to being awestruck by The Weeknd.

First song you ever made?
The first song Midas ever recorded in the studio is an unreleased one called ‘one&only’. It was teased back in 2020 and to this day Midas is still asked to release the song.
First time you fell in love with music?
I can’t remember the first time I fell in love with music. I feel like you fall in love with it once you first hear it. When you leave the womb all the first sounds we hear could be called music. I’ve always loved music but fell in love with Afrobeats when first heard ‘Eminado’ by Tiwa Savage and Don Jazzy.
First CD or record you owned?
Midas is from the generation of streamers
First time you realized you wanted to be an artist?
I never wanted to be an artist and still don’t consider myself an artist.
First gig you went to?
Davido at Brixton O2 Academy back in 2018.
First time you faced an obstacle in your career?
When something’s worth doing there are always obstacles. I can’t pinpoint the first.
First instrument you owned?
An acoustic guitar. I played it from a young age. I have three guitars but I haven’t touched them in a couple of years.
First time you felt like giving up?
December 2020.
First time you felt starstruck?
Watching The Weeknd Live.
First time you ticked off a bucket list goal?
On my 21st birthday, I can’t say the goal.

Listen to 'Melanin Pop' below: