"I’ve always wanted to perform and entertain people."

Mya K is a south London singer-songwriter spellbinding with her love-stricken lyricism and graceful RnB grooves. Transporting listeners to the dancefloor, her latest track, “Other Side”, utilises sensuous vocals and an enchanting trip-hop beat. Produced by VELLI, the rising star glides over the instrumental with affable ease, showcasing a natural musical prowess that few could so easily replicate.  


Inspired by the whimsicalness of Beyoncé, watching the video for “Crazy In Love” was the first time Mya K realised a music career could become her reality. She’s been chasing the dream ever since. Finding her place in the capital’s competitive scene was never going to be easy, but armed with relatable romantic tales, the vocalist has built a growing fanbase in awe of her artistic endeavours.  


There’s grace in the nostalgic soundscapes of Mya K’s latest single, “Other Side”. Her hushed tones are even more eloquent against the tipsy production, which adds a dramatic edge to the song’s stylish resonance and accompanying lyric video.  


As Mya K edges closer to solidifying her sound, we spoke with the singer about her musical firsts, from adolescent breakup ballads to the brilliance of Beyoncé. 

First song you ever made?

I was 9 or 10 years old when I made my first song, which was called “I Will Survive”. It was a super dramatic breakup ballad, which is hilarious considering I was less than a decade old and had never been through a breakup. To make it even funnier, we shot a full-scale, professional music video for the song at a beach in Nigeria and you’d really think someone hurt me from the way I was acting.  

First CD or record you owned?

The first CD I remember owning was probably ‘Pink Friday’ by Nicki Minaj. I was such a barb and would sing “Roman’s Revenge” word for word, which probably wasn’t age appropriate… 

First time you realised you wanted to do music full time?

I’ve always wanted to perform and entertain people, but I think I realised it was possible when I discovered Beyoncé. Her video for “Crazy In Love” was on the TV one day and I remember just thinking wow, I want to be like that when I grow up. 

First gig and first festival you went to?

I started going to gigs at the age of 12 so they all blur into one, but it was probably in Lagos. My mum and I were galavanting around Nigeria sharing my CDs and networking at every event that would allow a child in.

First time you faced an obstacle in your career?

I think the first obstacle I faced was dealing with criticism and trolls. It definitely helped me grow thick skin and taught me that this journey won’t be all glamorous. 

First instrument you owned?

The piano was my instrument growing up. I also tried the violin but that quickly ended after two weeks, when I realised I can’t sing and play the violin at the same time. 

First time you felt like giving up?

I was so sure I’d be a child star, so I think I was disheartened when I reached my 20s and was still working in cafes and pubs. However, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to give up because I trust in God’s timing!

First time you felt starstruck?

I think the first time I felt starstruck was when I saw Beyoncé live for the first time on her Formation tour. She was incredible. 

First time you realised you’d made it?

I wouldn’t say I’ve ‘made it’ and I’m not even sure what that looks like for me yet. Maybe I’ll have a better answer to that question in a couple of years time. 

Stream Mya's latest, "Other Side":


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