To celebrate the release of "Reverse", we spoke with Nippa about his musical firsts, from being starstruck by Stefflon Don to O2 Arena moments.

If your Twitter algorithm is anything like mine, the chances are you’ve heard of Nippa. A well-followed and loved voice in Britain’s R&B and rap scenes, the chameleonic vocalist regularly blows up on social media, sharing smooth and sultry tracks with occasionally robust beats. Building communities in both scenes, his dedication to the craft has seen him support global superstars like Jack Harlow and jam in the studio with modern-day prodigies like Dave.  


Hailing from north London, Nippa’s breakout single “Situation” created a buzz back in 2021. An almighty club beat backs his Hennessy-smooth hook and varying cadence, while the video shows off a nonchalant hedonism, as he hooks up with friends on the block. But before the visuals reached hundreds of thousands of views, Nippa was tuning into a range of sounds, honing his craft on genres as disparate as Motown and reggae. Naturally, being so open to the past has cultivated something completely unique to the rising artist. 


This month, Nippa released “Reverse”: an infectious, afrobeat-tinged jam ready for carnival season. To honour the summer anthem’s impact, we spoke with the future star about his musical firsts, from Stefflon Don starstruck moments to O2 Arena performances.

First song you ever made?

In 2019, my manager encouraged me to go to the studio, just to mess around and see what I could come up with. I walked out of that studio session with my debut single, “Squeezin’ Ya”.

First time you fell in love with music?

Music has always played a big part in my life, but I’d say I really fell in love with music when I started making it. Creating the ‘Not A Statistic’ EP was definitely a moment, I felt that heavily.

First CD or record you owned?

The first CDs I ever bought were Soulja Boy’s and N-Dubz’s debut albums.

First time you realised you wanted to be an artist?

When I listened to ‘Sonder Son’ by Brent Faiyaz. I thought I could do the same, but was unsure how to because of where I come from. I grew up in Tottenham where grime and rap were and still are such a big thing.

First gig you went to?

Dave’s ‘Game Over’ tour in 2017.

First instrument you owned?

I owned a guitar at one point. 

First time you felt like giving up?

I don’t remember the most recent time but probably today!

First time you felt starstruck?

First time I was starstruck was when I bumped into Stefflon Don. I lost composure and gave her my name wrong.

First time you ticked off a bucket list goal? 

Performing at the O2 Arena was definitely a big tick off my bucket list. 

Listen to "Reverse" below:


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