Camden-born viral Grime artist Rinsa Malone on his musical firsts, from the first time he faced an obstacle in his career, to the first time he felt starstruck.

Known for his involvement in the rise of Grime alongside the likes of D Double E, Rinsa Malone is an artist using the power of the viral video to spread his music. Dubbed as a modern-day TikTok sensation, his new track “One Eye Open” features his famous one-liner “One eye open when I’m sleeping”, now a hashtag and sound that amassed a colossal 104.2M views on the app.


The track is catchy with a hard-hitting edge and a powerful beat, and shows just how much experience Rinsa Malone has in the game. Seizing the opportunity after the widespread recognition and appreciation for the original video, the new single release also comes with visuals filmed on Oxford Street in Central London, attracting crowds with his signature tune. His personal TikTok boasts a cool 1.2 million likes, having received love from the likes of  Chunkz and Arrdee.


To celebrate the track release, at the start of what’s set to be a big year for the star, we caught up with Rinsa Malone to find out some musical firsts: from the first time he faced an obstacle in his career, to the first time he felt starstruck.

First song you ever made?
Was when I was 11 years old called “Rinsing Rolling”.
First song you released officially?
“Same Ting” which was a solo single music video on YouTube.
First CD you owned?
Dizzee Rascal – Boy In Da Corner.
First time you realised be an artist?
It was in 2013 when I was coming out of prison, I began to consider it and then 2015 I knew for sure, as I gained a lot of confidence from the feedback.
First gig and first festival you went to?
First show was Bigger Fish under 18s rave and then Notting Hill Carnival when I was about 15/16 would be the festival.
First time you faced an obstacle in your career?
Going back to jail in 2015 when I actually knew I wanted to do music seriously. That slowed me down, it was my fault but I knew then what I had to do.
First instrument you owned?
Microphone isn’t an instrument is it? I would have to say drums then, as I liked the drums in school.
First time felt like giving up?
When I wanted to give more time to my kids after I noticed how much I was putting into music and sacrificing my time with them. Luckily I’ve found some balance with that now.
First time you felt star struck?
Stormzy still, like 2018 times outside of the YouTube building, I was overly asking questions haha.
First I ticked off a bucket list goal?
Last week when DJ Target premiered my single on 1xtra and wheeled it up!

Listen to Rinsa Malone's latest track below: