With the world at her feet, 21-year-old singer-songwriter, Treanne, talks her musical firsts: from going on tour with Sampha, to being starstruck by Tyler, The Creator.

On a random day basking in the Jamaican sun, seven-year-old Treanne dared to dream of one day going to America to become a star. Now, over a decade later, those childhood dreams are on the cusp of reality, piquing the ears of neo-soul whizz Sampha, who gave the youngster an opening slot for his upcoming American tour. Yet, all of this comes as no surprise. When you’re armed with Treanne’s seamless flow and delicate vocals, listeners are at your disposal, only yearning for more.


For those unacquainted with Treanne’s sound, envision the most heart-wrenching, stripped-back songwriting, interplayed with intricate piano melodies that act as a backdrop for vocals so smooth they could shatter porcelain glass. That’s Treanne. Candidly sharing her choppy navigation through the 20-something hardships and all the drama that comes alongside it, she leaves no stone unturned, inviting us to find solace in her resonating words.


It’s that candour that points to why her recent single, ‘Sharing My Body’, feels like an inner monologue, as Treanne grapples with the complexities of a situationship and the blurred lines between pain and love. Her unabashed authenticity and raw emotion are clear for all to see as she unveils a meticulously crafted piano-led balladry that only accentuates her soulful vocals.


With the track offering us a snippet of her forthcoming album 20/20, the project is set to drop doses of honesty and vulnerability, as Treanne looks to explore the transition from adolescence into adulthood. Kicking off her tour with Sampha this week, we catch up with her before the whirlwind to discuss her musical firsts, from going on tour to being starstruck by Tyler, The Creator, tap in below.

First time you fell in love with music?  

I first fell in love with music when I was growing up. I think it was at the age of about seven. At that point, I’d been watching Michael Jackson perform and watching High School Musical long enough to know that I loved seeing creativity and watching people do something that just seemed to bring a rare kind of excitement. I think that inspired me to become a musician but also, I grew up in a very creative household and I was surrounded by people that were artistic in some way. My uncle was an artist, my aunt was a singer, and my other uncle was a trained musician, so I think being surrounded by them is how I fell in love with music as well.

First song you were infatuated with?

I was infatuated with a song called, ‘This Time I’ll Know It’s For Real’ by Donna Summer. My mum, brother and I used to take road trips from Kingston to Saint Ann to spend the weekends with my grandma. She would play that song on repeat the whole trip and then if it was about to be finished when we were arriving. She’d restart it just in time for it to finish when we parked in the driveway, and I remember that being some of my favourite moments ever. To this day I can’t listen to the song without feeling a huge wave of nostalgia and happiness.

First gig you ever played?  

The first gig I ever played was a suicide awareness concert at my high school and it was called ‘You Matter’. I played the guitar, and I sang ‘Rainbow’ by Kacey Musgraves with one of my friends. It’s crazy because I remember being so nervous for that concert and then at one point the nerves just kind of switched off and I remember asking the crowd to put their lights up and to my surprise; everyone put their lights up and it was just the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. From that moment on I knew that I could be a performer.

First time you worked with someone who you admired? 

I worked with Justin Parker last year and we wrote a song that I really love. Going into the session was crazy because he’s written so many songs that I’ve loved for years and that I grew up with that have inspired me as an artist. I’m really lucky that I get to say that he is a collaborator of mine. I’m also going on tour with Sampha which is crazy; I feel blessed to have that opportunity.

First person you’d recruit if you had a band? 

The first person that I would recruit if I had a band would be Miley Cyrus. I just feel like she’d bring all the energy, she’s naturally such a rock ‘n’ roll person and I think she would make a band incredibly special and hot.

First time you felt starstruck?  

The first time I felt starstruck was when I met Tyler, The Creator. I’d love to tell that story someday for now I think I’ll hold onto it haha.

First thing on your rider?  

The first thing on my rider is orange juice.

First track you play when handed the aux? 

It depends on the situation but right now the first song that I would play would be ‘Hero’ by Miguel, it’s such a classic and I recently heard it for the first time and felt like I was transported to a different dimension. When I’m with my boyfriend and I have the aux, I like to play ‘Beso’ by Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro first, it’s our song.


‘You Don’t Know My Name’ by Alicia Keys is the song I play whenever it’s fall.  Play that song when you’re walking in London with headphones on during fall/winter and you’ll understand the appeal.

First artist you’d add to your dream festival lineup? 

It’s a tie between Rosalía and Rihanna.

First purchase after a major music cheque?

The first thing I bought after I got my record deal advance was a bag of chips at a corner store.

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