Indie four-piece Tiberius takes listeners on a nostalgia-tinged journey with latest album ‘Fish in a Pond’, out now.

Blending elements of psychedelic indie, emo, alt-country, and folk-pop, Tiberius’ newest offering ‘Fish in a Pond’ is a dreamy coming-of-age must-listen. Focus track “Clippers” was crafted by Vermont native Brendan Wright, who wrote and recorded the entire album in his dingy house in Massachusettes and Sound of Museum warehouse. It follows sophomore record ‘Lull’ in 2021, around the time Wright brought their rock show format to life. 


Comprising lead Wright, as well as Kelven Polite, Christian Pace, and Ben Curell, Tiberius’ collective musical prowess means they reach new levels in terms of the musical landscape. They draw inspiration from artists including Pinegrove, The Flaming Lips, and Tame Impala, and bring this influence to life with their unique blend of instruments, including the synth, clarinet, and vocals as well as the guitar, drums and bass.


Opening up on ‘Fish in the Pond’, Wright shares, “This record is about finding oneself in their twenties. It explores themes of slipping into the monotonous aches of domesticated ‘9 to 5’ life, the expectations and understanding of belonging to a community, the anxiety that can come with being perceived in the eyes of the other, as well as trying to live up to the preconceived notions that one makes for themselves and where they “should be” in life at this point.”

Stream 'Fish in a Pond' below: