Car manufacturing giant CUPRA unveil a new design for their Formentor and Leon model, continuing their innovation and engineering brilliance.

Inspiring the world from Barcelona, CUPRA is pioneering the car manufacturing industry. Distinctive and rebellious, sporty yet provocative, the company has swiftly become one of Europe’s fastest-growing car brands, challenging the status quo by creating emotional moments on and off the road.


Each model marks a fresh milestone in defining the CUPRA identity. The CUPRA Leon is the first electrified model thanks to a plug-in hybrid electronic motor, whilst the CUPRA Formentor marks the first model developed exclusively by the brand.


Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA, says: “The new CUPRA Formentor and Leon are pure design obsession. Two models built to provoke strong emotions, that strengthen the extraordinary bond with our Tribe. Two models that represent what that small group of believers envisaged CUPRA could be just a few years ago.”


OGs of CUPRA’s line, these models have just undergone two revamps, furthering their sleekness whilst incorporating state-of-the-art technology. Featuring a new petrol engine, torque splitter technology and Akebono brakes, the two models have a more futuristic look on their exterior, with matrix LED lights and an array of new matt colours guaranteed to provide more character for your car.


To mark the release, CUPRA offered a unique virtual show at the Palcio Cibeles in the heart of Madrid. Titled  CUPRA Design Obsession, the event boasted a suspended catwalk where several virtual models walked in front of the audience. From DJ sets by the house’s resident DJ to a performance by hotshot Ralphie Choo, it was a night that would be etched in CUPRA’s design excellency for a long time.


Shaking up the car manufacturing scene, we look at five of the standout attributes fast and furiously making CUPRA’s new designs the choice fave of Gen Z.

1. CUPRA’s Sustainable Approach


Embracing sustainability within the designs, both CUPRA models feature environmentally friendly seats. Wrapped in either 73% recycled microfibre or environmentally conscious leather, the Bucket seats will ensure maximum comfort all whilst being eco-friendly.

  • CUPRA Formentor
  • CUPRA Formentor

2. The Sound System


Packed with a new high-fidelity 12-speaker audio system, CUPRA Formentor and Leon have you covered for all those car sing-along moments. Developed in collaboration with the audio experts at Sennheiser Mobility, the system delivers that pure Sennheiser sound trusted by music lovers and artists from across the globe.

  • CUPRA Formentor
  • CUPRA Formentor

3. The Design Obsession


Redesigned and enhanced for the next-gen, the new exterior boasts everything you could ask for from a car. Interplaying a shark-nosed face that defines the aggressive look, triangular matrix LED lights and a bolder lower mouth add a sleekness that can’t be ignored.

  • CUPRA Leon
  • CUPRA Leon
  • CUPRA Leon

4. Trailblazing New Technology


CUPRA’s commitment to perfection has seen them revamp some of the technology in the Formentor and Leon cars. With a ban on petrol and diesel cars set for 2035, it’s the perfect time to invest in some wheels with eHybrid technology, and these models have it in abundance. The new generation of plug-in hybrids are also compatible with fast charge.

  • CUPRA Leon

5. A Brand Willing to Break Convention


If you didn’t already know, CUPRA do things differently. The Catalonian brand is committed to shaking up the car game one release at a time, and for this round of Formentor and Leon models, the mantra still stands. Enhanced to continue their success story, the unconventional challenger doesn’t consign to car design classicism. Gen Z are always on the hunt for what’s new and that’s fundamentally what draws them to a brand like CUPRA.


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