The collaboration you didn’t know you needed. Easy Star All-Stars teams up with Steel Pulse for smooth reggae track “Five Years”.

“Five Years” is a collaborative project between reggae powerhouses Easy Star All-Stars and Steel Pulse. Both are praised for their innovative touch on a variety of musical genres and projects through a reggae-infused gaze, between the two, both outfits bring a charismatic and authentic touch to today’s reggae scene. 


Some of Easy Star All-Stars biggest tracks include covers of  Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Radiohead, and more. Forming in the mid-70s, over the years Steel Pulse has continued to prove their slick funk groove. Between their candid lyrics on political affairs to their luscious beats, the duo have made a name for themselves as one of the most established reggae outfits of our generation, and the generation before that. 


Speaking about their new single, lead vocalist of Steel Pulse David Hinds says: “The song “Five Years” can easily be turned into a movie of epic proportions. I see it as the planet’s apocalypse written in deep thought-out poetry and put to music. Therefore, it was a song that I had to interpret with great emotion, abandoning my form of syncopation while doing so. David Bowie was a visionary, a trend setter, a fashion revolutionist, who turned all heads the moment the Beatles’ and Hendrix’s era began to fade. It was the moment that art as we know it left the canvas to decorate and become human form. This man was thinking outside of the box in every dimension possible. It was a pleasure experiencing his experience with this project”.

Stream “Five Years” below: