A new podcast from YouTubers Come Curious is helping us to champion our sexual past.

If you’re a sexually active young adult, you probably have a list in your phone notes which contains all the names of everyone you’ve ever had sex with. It’s a friendly reminder of the good, the bad and the ugly – it’s also something that you’d never let anyone else see (except maybe your besties after one too many). But a new podcast by YouTube channel Come Curious is helping us to embrace our secret sordidness. Why should we be ashamed of our number? Sex should be fun, and we should all be enjoying, it, right?

Florence Barkway and Reed Amber know a thing or two about promoting sex and sensuality. Their weekly vids on YouTube dissect anything and everything about sex, from tips on how to eat ass to exploring scars and stretch marks. Their new podcast, F**ks Given, builds on the work of their YouTube channel, and specifically seeks to breakdown boundaries and taboos around the number of sexual partners that we’ve had.

Each week, they’ll invite a different guest to speak openly about their sexual experiences, specifically their first f**k, best f**k and last f**k. The series already has some confirmed guests, including award-winning sex guru Oloni, sex expert Hannah Witton and dominatrix Mistress Bliss

The first episode will launch on Thursday 29th November and will be available on iTunes, Spotify, and all good podcast platforms.