Up and coming drill artist GXBOS has dropped a hard new tune, "Flake in the Press".

GXBOS might be a new kid on the block, but he’s not letting that stop him from making some serious moves.


The rising artist moved to South East London from Nigeria at the age of two, and soaked in the area’s unique vibes in a peak time for the grime genre. GXBOS has spent time away from music, but it’s clearly his first love, and he’s finally ready to show the world everything he’s learned.


With a fired-up sound that shows GXBOS’s hunger to succeed, he’s keen to stake his place as one of the most exciting artists working in drill right now. That desire is on full display in his new breakout tune, “Flake In The Press”, which marks a grand entrance into the scene for the artist.


The key phrase for GXBOS’ new tune is intensity – it’s a song that doesn’t go from 0 to 100 so much as starts at 100 and keeps going from there. With its fast flow and punchy lyrics, GXBOS isn’t letting the listener ignore him. Instead, he’s demanding your attention by showing all he’s got.


On the tune, GXBOS says, “’Flake in the Press’ is all about my comeup, how I found myself at this point and what I’ve been through to get here at this point in my journey. The metaphor flake in the press with the visual connotations bring out a comedic side of being a Gangster, I see myself more as a ladies’ man of drill”.

Listen here: