London musician, Shumba Maasai, today releases the upbeat new track, "Flavour", produced by Mathematics.

The new song is a whistle-stop tour of Shumba’s thoughts and feelings about life and packs an interesting beat.


“For me, the tune is just about celebrating life, enjoying yourself and being careful who you surround yourself with, it’s a freestyle train of audio thought type ting,” Shumba explained of the release.


Having met as kitchen porters, Shumba Maasai and Mathematics reconnected to create the vibey new tune full of eclectic sounds and raw, hard-hitting lyrics.


Having previously shared line-ups with artists such as Che Lingo, Iman Omari, and Ambush, Shumba leans in to London’s rich tapestry of musical influences for his own inspiration. He brings his unique experiences together through his music; something that has garnered him attention.


We bet this is just the start of things to come for Shumba Maasai. Watch this space.

Listen to "Flavour" below"

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