Singer, songwriter and producer Flight to Moonlight drops his latest single “Stary Tiles”.

Flight to Moonlight, otherwise known as multi-faceted artist Adam Baring, has always mingled genres freely. Releasing Jungle and Drum and Bass as a teen, he followed up with indie folk, finally opting for electro-pop, which fuses all of his favourite genres.


Flight to Moonlight is ramping up recognition with singles “Midnight” and “Sticky Hearts”, noting his influences as Franc Moody and SG Lewis. His latest track, “Stary Tiles”, is an ode to pre-lockdown club nights, with bouncy vocals, disco-steeped guitars, and swirling synths to match.


The London-based artist has said: ‘’I believe in doing what’s right even when it hurts. I don’t believe we are here by chance. I’m fascinated by music, the way it gets translated into emotions, and how and why some music resonates with some people and not others. I believe we all need to have some kind of connection to the profound and ineffable, and music is a good way to get there.’’

Stream it below: