Innovative Dutch hip-hop duo NEWĀRK have released the title song from their debut album, "Flowers That Don't Exist".

Based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, lifelong friends Wessel Slager and Zep Barnasconi make up the duo of NEWĀRK, which stands for “alternative languid hip-hop music”.


They’ve been touring hard in anticipation and creating a solid fanbase, and they’re ready to culminate their work in “Flowers That Don’t Exist”, the debut album from which the song of the same title is taken. It’s a chilled soundscape that nevertheless brings plenty of emotion and meaning to the table, embodying NEWĀRK’s musical ethos to a tee.


Describing the track, NEWĀRK have said that “It is about the feeling that the women in my life gave me. When I got close with a woman it always felt like we knew each other so well and nothing’s going to stop us but in the end there’s always that little thing that you want and the other one doesn’t. Both ways. The flowers that don’t exist are not bad at all. I think most flowers are very beautiful but I don’t blame the ones that don’t exist”.


NEWĀRK have made their name on fusing together for their love for jazz, hip-hop and pop in tracks that build on the emotional intimacy of their friendship, and that’s all there in “Flowers That Don’t Exist”.


Listen to the album below: