LA-based DJ-producer Jessica Skye takes listeners on a spiritual journey of blissful ambience with debut album ‘Fluō State 001’, released this month.

Jessica Skye is the LA-based DJ melding music with mindfulness. When she’s not touring the world teaching yoga, the multifaceted artist immerses herself in club spaces, playing out soft soundscapes that lift spirits and keep them in a place of soothing ambience. ‘Fluō State 001’, which came out this month, is her debut album, intending to enhance meditation and wellness practices.  


Making waves in the music and wellness scene, Jessica’s on a constant journey of spiritual fulfilment. A yogi with an appetite for lo-fi electronica, she sees both her jobs as inherently intertwined despite their polarising environments. Her DJ sets and productions give audiences a safe space to unwind and let loose, helping them find their sense of flow and being.  


A transcendent body of work released during Mental Health Awareness Month, ‘Fluō State 001’ is a deeply hypnotic project that leaves listeners in a state of serenity. From down-tempo trip-hop beats to nu disco grooves and soothing soundscapes, no stone is left unturned in the project’s blissful ambience. On the record, Jessica says: “The whole body of work is intentionally designed to be an audio destination for you to find your flow state,”, and thanks to a clear arc of comforting energy, she achieves this in abundance.  


Stream ‘Fluō State 001' below: