Notion has the exclusive premiere for Karmacoda's soulful new tune, "Fly By".

Karmacoda, an electronica trio consisting of vocalist Jessica Ford, producer/vocalist Brett Crockett, and multi-instrumentalist Eric Matsuno, have been setting Ireland alight in recent times with their delicate and lushly rendered tunes, using the talents of all three members with precision.


They’re again displaying why they’re an outfit to look out for with the release of their latest single, “Fly By”, for which we have the exclusive premiere.


There’s a fundamental soulfulness to the music, powered by Jessica’s languid vocals and the mellow instrumentals that create a relaxing soundscape for the listener to get lost in. Coupled with the lyrics, the song creates a sense of liberation and casting off of burden that feels just right for the oncoming of these summery days, and illustrates the other side of the heartbreak covered so often in music.


Jessica of Karmacoda says of the song, “Our latest single is about ending a relationship and washing your hands clean of it, without regret or remorse. Knowing it’s over and cutting the tie with peace in your heart and mind. Putting wings on it and watching it fly off into the universe never to be tested or tried again. It’s over. Without tears, you exhale, smile and release it into the world and “let it go”. You’ve done all you can. You’ve had the break up’s, you’ve had the “try agains”, you’ve done the get back togethers. No more. You are ready to set it free and watch it ‘Fly By’”.

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