Irish pop star Flynn chats reconnecting with his Irish roots, finding positivity in hard times, and the nature of creative inspiration.

Mullingar star Flynn began his musical career with a move to the UK and one month’s rent in his pocket. For many, that’d be a recipe for disaster, but Flynn’s hard graft and raw talent has turned those humble beginnings into an exciting and highly praised career.


Beginning with contributing to the global hit song by The Lost Frequencies, “Recognise”, Flynn has made his way as a pop artist balancing sunny optimism with a keen understanding of life’s hardships and the unrealism of blindly assuming everything will work out, such as on his debut EP ‘One of Us’.


He’s pushing things forwards once more with his first release of 2022, “Elephant”, where his balancing of therapeutic honesty and catchy rhythms has become more intricate than ever – a song where the lyrics and the tune exist in an intriguing, fruitful conflict.


There’s plenty more to come from Flynn, so we sat down with him to chat about his humble beginnings, his favourite creative spaces and balancing the rough with the diamonds.

What brought you to collaborate with The Lost Frequencies?

It happened quite randomly, I wrote the song in London and he heard the demo and really like it. The song was out within a few months!

What was it like moving to the UK to try and make it as a musician?

Exciting at first but it wasn’t easy. I started at rock bottom and worked my way up and that came with its challenges. I’ve always seen England as a second home though and It was a great creative playground for me, and still is!

How do you balance positivity with an acknowledgement of the world’s difficulties?

Not very well! I can be quite pessimistic at the best of times, but it keeps me on my toes. At the same time, I welcome difficult situations…It gives me lots to write about 

Why did it feel important to tackle your own mental health in your music?

I just wanna be as honest as possible with anything that goes out. I want the music to speak to people and resonate with them so it can help to normalise whatever it is they may be feeling themselves.

How did reconnecting with your roots in Ireland inspire you to create?

It inspired me massively and was a huge healing experience at the time. I neglected a lot of things that were important in my life when I left home the first, turns out I was just running from myself really. You live and learn.

What are you looking forward to most about playing live for the first time?

Just sharing big moments with an audience again. Playing live is honestly my favourite part of the job so I’m buzzing to get back!

What kind of spaces feel most comfortable for you to create in?

Old studio spaces with a grand piano and some guitars lying around. I love writing around the piano and I like a space that’s simple and not too fresh.

How do you try and find inspiration to create?

Usually it comes to me. I’m not big on forcing stuff, that never seems to work for me.

What are you manifesting for the rest of 2022?

Lots of live shows and new music! I’ve had to wait almost two years so I’m going to make the most of this next chapter.

Watch the video for "Elephant" below: