Irish artist Blooms releases new single "Focus", an ethereal story of uncertainty and love.

Bursting onto the scene in 2013 with her own blend of electro-pop, Blooms has returned with her latest offering “Focus”. In her words, the track is about loving someone , “but not knowing if you’re in love with them”.


The track follows from her most recent single “Text Me When You Get Home”, a poignant discussion of female experience that hoped to raise awareness on the issue of women’s safety. Blooms highlighted the hard-sitting reality of the actions women and girls have to take to try and stay safe in a culture of male harassment and violence against them.


This new release then, incorporates hushed vocals and frosty synths to capture the emotion and longing behind the track’s meaning. “Focus” was released earlier this month, and Blooms’ next EP is expected in early 2022.

Stream the new single below: