Ukrainian songstress, DIYÂ, unveils her captivating new track, “Follow”, a serotonin-boosting electronic bop

Dubai based artist DIYÂ oozes star quality. She returns with her ethereal new single “Follow”, born in the depths of lockdown. Blending elements of Pop, Trance, EDM and Electronica, DIYÂ creates a vibrant track that will leave you energised. Using music as a form of escapism, but also to share her intimate thoughts, DIYÂ explains the song is about ‘taking a leap of faith when you believe in someone and just following your heart and them.’  


From the age of four DIYÂ dreamed she would be a musician. Backed by a supportive family, DIYÂ studied at various art schools, receiving degrees in Director of Theatre, and singing at age 16. Not only possessing a strong aptitude for music, DIYÂ was offered admissions to law schools after her bachelor’s degrees. However, music is where her heart lies.


Drawn to early eras of music, DIYÂ takes inspiration from Western Classical, early Jazz and more. A talented and dedicated musician, DIYÂ has gained support from Spotify and Apple Music and has amassed 100,000 streams to date. Take a leap of faith and “Follow” in the footsteps of DIYÂ’s distinctive vision – you won’t be disappointed.

Stream the track below: