Kaitlyn Velez serves up a fresh and bubbly pop track in the form of her latest single "FOMO".

Hot on the heels of her previous release, “comfortable”, New York-based singer-songwriter Kaitlyn Velez shares the relatable new pop single “FOMO”.


“Am I missing out? / Can somebody tell me / Because my mind’s become my enemy”, Kaitlyn sings questioningly on the chorus. The fear of missing out is something many of us can relate to, whether it’s a party or even a conversation, but in this case, Kaitlyn Velez is singing about her fear of missing out on a good relationship.


“When we think of FOMO we think of missing out on something, especially this year where I felt I was missing out on something and someone”, Kaitlyn explains. “One bad relationship after the other, I finally got it right. Due to past experiences, I was psyching myself out and thinking that maybe this wasn’t what I needed and talked myself in circles around what I was feeling. My insecurities and self-doubt almost got the best of me, but in the end, I got everything I wanted!”


Teeming with bouncy bubblegum pop melodies, “FOMO” is a song for those of us who find it hard to live in the present, as they’re always wondering whether a decision they make now will mean they get to miss out on something they want.


It’s clear that the emerging artist has a knack for storytelling. Kaitlyn’s love for songwriting was all started when she would write birthday jingles for her friends. Now, Kaitlyn is studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, drawing on her life experiences to craft songs with a personal narrative, as she says, “I love creating music for myself and my friends”.

Listen to "FOMO" by Kaitlyn Velez below: