Violinist and singer-songwriter, YAS, releases her dark and impassioned new single “for free”.

Pairing sultry vocals with pared-back instrumentals, YAS began her career as a classically trained violinist, backing the likes of Selena Gomez, Kanye West, and Shawn Mendes. Since embarking on her solo career in 2019, she had her biggest hit with classical-lo-fi-hip-hop fusion “empty crown” which has reached over 25 million streams.


Returning in 2021 with her single “for free”, about the tussle of whether to stay in a relationship that has passed its peak, YAS‘s haunting, ethereal vocals, and no-frills guitar acoustics reach an astounding climax.


The single is part of an upcoming project ahead of her debut album which matches emotions with colours, with “Yellow” and “Purple” still to come. “worth it” – her most candid track to date – makes up the other half of “Blue”. “for free” delves into unrequited love, and questions whether it is worth staying in an imbalanced relationship where one person would do anything for the other.


With her classical-infused, R&B-inspired decadent sound, YAS is set to make waves on the experimental-pop scene in 2021.

Watch the music video for "for free" below: