NYC rapper, RTC, unravels synth magic on his latest single, 'For Real', a track dedicated to a summer fling.

In the heart of the bustling music scene, emerging artist RTC  is making waves with a distinctive sound that transports listeners to a tranquil beach at sunrise. Hailing from Queens, New York, RTC now finds his creative haven in the vibrant streets of Atlanta. RTC, derived from his initials, emerged during youthful Soho hangouts with friends. Today, it stands as a testament to the artist’s personal identity seamlessly woven into his musical journey.


RTC’s latest release is the track “For Real,” featuring kre8, and is about a summer fling and the influence of Pharrell’s debut Louis Vuitton Collection. This track not only celebrates the love of fashion but also emphasizes the significance of romance and truthfulness in relationships.


Self-producing every note, RTC’s music offers a unique blend of chill and peaceful synth tones reminiscent of waves gently caressing the shore. Drawing inspiration from Pharrell’s early 2000s synth magic with the Korg, RTC invites audiences to experience a musical beachside sunrise – a sonic journey with a captivating vibe. Music is not just a passion for RTC; it’s a divine gift. “I’m blessed to orchestrate sounds from nothing and make them something people love,” he shares. The wisdom of legendary artists and producers like Mike Dean, Kanye West, Travis Scott, and Chase B serves as a driving force in RTC’s relentless pursuit of his musical calling.


Looking ahead, RTC is set to release a Christmas project for the ladies on Christmas Eve, featuring revamped classic jingles and new compositions. Additionally, a soulful storytelling song titled ‘Heavens Shores’ is slated for release later in December, promising a captivating end to the year.


“I believe being fly and honest is the best policy to have a great relationship,” RTC asserts. His music, including ‘For Real’, carries a powerful message, urging fans to cherish and respect the rare connections they find in life Stay tuned for collaborative vibes with kre8 at officialkre8.

Listen to 'For Real' now: