Taia Bohne explores the insistent pull of memories in her latest banger.

Taia Bohne’s songs emerge as fully-formed stories – personal tales taken from her own life that have been refined and considered to find the universal emotional themes beneath the emotions the event inspired. She’s taking after her musical hero Taylor Swift, but in her own unique way.


That ethos is fully realised in her latest single, “Ford Fusion”, which takes the instantly recognisable image of the famous car and infuses it with personal meaning.


The song bursts into life as a catchy and upbeat pop-rock banger that explores real personal pain in its longing lyrics but finds an optimistic spirit nevertheless, giving a defiant response to those memories that seek to tug you back into the past.


On the song, she says, “I got the idea for Ford Fusion in September 2021 after a summer fling had just ended. I was seeing this guy’s car everywhere and it was driving me crazy, until one day I realized he probably thinks about me whenever he sees my car too. Then I got to thinking just how many things really would make him think about me. I wrote the song on an acoustic guitar on my bedroom floor in about two days. It gained some popularity among my TikTok followers so I decided to take it into the studio in the spring. This song is sort of a gift to those who have supported my music on TikTok for the past year.”

Listen here: