Emerging British R&B singer, Alice Rowe, releases the five-track EP, 'Foreseen'.

Since her debut single released last year, Alice Rowe has been steadily dropping a number of R&B-focused tracks. Now, with four songs under her belt, she’s dropped her debut EP, ‘Foreseen’.


“‘Foreseen’ is about the ability to be intuitive within certain situations, most of my tracks are about moving on from heartbreak which unfortunately a lot of females can relate to, but that’s where all the emotion comes from. I tend to foresee a lot of things but it’s about having the confidence within yourself to believe,” Alice explained.


Drawing comparisons to artists such as Mabel, Mae Muller and Sinead Harnett, Alice Rowe serves up a plate of smooth vocals, lo-fi beats and relatable lyrics on the EP.


Through her music, Alice is carving a name for herself as an artist who isn’t afraid to incite discussion around relationships – whether it’s about the excitement of meeting someone new or talking about an ex – and it’s standing her in good stead.

Listen to Alice Rowe's EP 'Foreseen' below: