Dream-pop Amethysts put a mysterious new spin on an album highlight.

Suffolk dream-pop outfit Amethysts made an impact last autumn with the release of their self-titled debut album, giving listeners a glimpse into their genre-melding sonic world. One of the highlights from that album was the song “Forget-me-not”, and it turns out the band has been thinking about it too.


Releasing as part of the deluxe edition of the ‘Amethysts’ album, “Forget-me-not (Amethysts Rework)” puts a new spin on that album highlight.


Taking the base layer of the original song as a starting point rather than a final product to be slightly edited, the Rework jettisons the guitar sounds of the first version for a dreamier and slower aesthetic, suffusing an emotionally sharp song with a newly hazy layer that encourages re-interpretation: a clear sign of the playful attitude Amethysts take to their own work.


On the new version of the song, Amethysts say, “We really wanted to emphasize the darker side of the original so pitched Clarice’s vocal down for the first half of the track before it bursts out and becomes a bit brighter with a key change mid-way through. We added a guitar solo at the end because why not! ‘Forget-me-not’ is an emotional track for us about a difficult time in our lives – The rework was made in a sleep deprived haze and definitely captures an essence of how we were feeling at the time.”

Listen below: