Prague’s next best thing NOANNE wears her heart on her sleeve as she explores the process of forgiving in her latest track.

Breaking free from conformity and igniting life’s vibrant stages is how NOANNE roles. Allowing herself space to tap into her innermost thoughts, her music feels like a veil of self-consciousness, as she leaves no corner of her soul unexplored. Blending soulful revelations with pop-infused theatrical melodies, her latest track ‘Forgiveness’ explores the transformative power of forgiveness in healing and moving forward.


Penned during a period of self-reflection, ‘Forgiveness’ is not merely just a song, but an intimate dialogue born from personal introspection. Drawing from her own journey, NOANNE crafts an emotive narrative that feels like a page torn from her diary. Throughout the track, she delves into the complex themes of release and self-confrontation, guiding listeners on a transformative journey towards emotional liberation amidst the labyrinth of forgiveness.


Harnessing a spellbinding rhythm that creates otherworldly allure, ‘Forgiveness’ emerges as a brainchild between theatrical and pop. As the bridge ascends, the thematic chorus unfolds, where piano melodies soar, and strings sweep the soundscape. NOANNE’s high-octane vocals effortlessly command the dramatic instrumentation, reaching crescendos that ignite the spirit.


Offering a cathartic journey for listeners, NOANNE shares, “This song represents a universal experience of confronting and releasing the burdens of the past, while speaking to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of forgiveness in healing and moving forward.”

Listen to 'Forgiveness' now: