Pop singer-songwriter Devon Baldwin reveals her latest single “Forgot To Miss You” about finding the space to heal.

The daughter of a music producer and a creative writing teacher, it seems Devon Baldwin was always destined to become a successful songwriter. While she has streams in the millions and has worked with high profile artists such as G-Eazy, Blackbear and Skizzy Mars, her journey hasn’t come without its struggles.


Just after the release of her debut “Let’s Get Lost”, Devon’s lung collapsed several times leaving her unable to sing and forced to return to her childhood home. Refusing to the let the experience defeat her, Devon instead used to the time to hone her craft. Following the release of her aptly named EP Lungs which gained her millions of streams, another disaster struck, with Covid forcing Devon and the rest of the world into isolation.


Her latest track  explores regaining independence and peace after a breakup. Speaking on the track, Devon explains: ‘“Forgot To Miss You” is about the in-between after a relationship ends, when the process of healing means realizing that wounds don’t heal – you just accept them as time goes on.’


Making a name for herself with her delicate, ethereal pop sound and electronic production, “Forgot To Miss You” is no different. No stranger to dealing with crises, Baldwin’s songs vibrate with underlying themes of loneliness and isolation, only proving her resilience as an artist.

Listen to the song below: