In the week when JW Anderson's pigeon clutch did the rounds on social media, we examine the rise of the luxury novelty bag.

Latest in the ‘is it cake’ realm of the internet, the more fitting question might be… is it a bag? Taking the shape of faux-realistic pigeons, pots of coffee, pasta containers and a mailer cardboard box, this season runways are increasingly seeing various objects crafted from leather or plastic.


Brands like Moschino, Betsey Johnson and Anya Hindmarch may have been making novelty bags since their conception, but it seems other houses are increasingly taking advantage of the nonsensical possibilities.

A perfect example: the JW Anderson Pigeon Clutch, a 3D-printed avian masterpiece which can be yours for around £700. Labelled by some as ‘pigeoncore’, the bag opens to reveal a compartment for all the necessities.


Another designer with the trend nailed is Nikolas Bentel. Releasing his designs in limited drops of around 100 pieces at the time, those that do reemerge on resale sites are listed for over 10x their original retail value. With two previous realistic pasta boxes crafted in leather, a ‘shipping box’ style bag was released today. If a bag that looks ready for Royal Mail is what you’re after, there’s still a chance to grab one.

A final stop on the absurd bag trend, the Moschino coffee pot bag. Retailing at a slightly eye-watering £1,905, this bag hit the runway earlier this year alongside a sparkling hamburger counterpart. Perhaps an intended diner theme drove the design decisions, but the result is wonderfully ridiculous. The bag even opens as a coffee pot would, alongside a lack of chain ensuring the wearer is forced to hold the bag by the handle.

Coming out of lockdown, perhaps people are looking for escapism in their fashion choices as well as their cultural consumption. Personally, I look forward to seeing what creations the luxury brands pull out next.