Letting us in on the next chapter of his story with his brand new debut album, Childe is an artist who means what he says.

Breaking free from boundaries, Childe is the pop connoisseur embracing individuality and encouraging others to do the same. His music captures topics usually seen as taboo by other acts, taking listeners on a unique journey of self-discovery. Sharing his nine-track debut album, ‘Stoned & Supremely Confident’, today, the modern-day storyteller maintains a DIY approach that’s much to be admired in this sanitised era of music making and collaboration.  


In fact, rawness is at the heart of everything Childe does. On album opener ‘Chemical Balance’, he relays moments of vulnerability over fuzzy guitar riffs and crunchy beats. The escalating soundscape is infectious as it builds into a state of disarray and conveys his inner emotions in a compelling fashion.  


Childe’s artistic pedigree doesn’t stop at music-making, either. One of the faces to be selected for the latest Vivienne Westwood campaign, he’s making sure his name is known in the world of fashion too. Bonding with the brand over a shared appreciation of imperfections, the singer-songwriter is influenced by the way “she was unapologetically herself while always concerned by the needs of the collective. What’s not to love?”


Over nine tracks created between London and LA, ‘Stoned & Supremely Confident’ analyses the future star’s life experiences therapeutically, offering audiences peace from their own problems. Finding beauty in loneliness and heartbreak, the record is a deeply personal listen that proves, quite simply, no one else sounds like Childe. 


To honour its release, we spoke with Childe about this whimsical debut, making music with conviction and practising what he preaches. Tap in below. 

Hi Childe! How’s your summer been? What’s your mood going into its last days?
It’s been a very very busy one. I feel like I’m in the right place though, I’ve been playing lots of shows and seeing new places and faces. I love this time of year but it’s a bit of a weird one because it’s when my dad died so the atmosphere starts to feel the same and it can be overwhelming. I try to just be in the moment and use the grief as a way to feel connected to him.
Any highlights or festivals performances?
My favourite to play was probably a festival called Haldern Pop. It felt quite mad to turn up in the middle of nowhere in Germany and have people singing the words back to me. As an attendee Glastonbury is always hard to beat, but my stand out performance was by Arca at All Points East which was just beautiful.
We loved album opener ‘Chemical Balance’ – can you tell us a bit about the themes and intention behind that track?
It’s about managing mental health. Each brain is different and the treatment choices mostly feel way too limited. Not everyone that suffers from anxiety is going to benefit from the same medication. It feels a bit ‘one size fits all’ and in my opinion that is the opposite of the way we should be looking at it.
How does it fit into the wider picture of ‘Stoned & Supremely Confident’? 
In some ways it does. It’s a sort of ADHD/coming of age/list of reminders. Me figuring out how I feel about life, writing it down and then trying to remember it.
Writing the project, what was inspiring you lyrically?
I write about what’s happening around me as that’s all I’ve ever known, really. But a non-exhaustive list of some current inspiration, as follows: Caleb Femi, Patti Smith, Blake Mills, Sudan Archives.
Sonically, how would you describe the album? What genres did you draw from?
Defining myself in a genre feels quite limiting to me, but at my centre I am a singer-songwriter so that’s probably in mind the most. I love wordy lyrics from people like Lana and Conor Oberst.
In what ways does it represent an evolution from your previous music?
The evolution is in the story for me. A lot of my songwriting process is to figure stuff out, so these songs were the next stage. Every time I finish writing the last lyric I feel like I can move forwards from that point in my life.
Storytelling feels like such a huge part of what you do, weaving together elements of your voice and visuals. What story does this project tell?
My story!
What other artists do you admire for their ability to tell stories through art?
Grayson Perry is fantastic at organising chaos. Lana Del Ray brings all her pain onto the page and the stage. Kendrick Lamar is the best.
You’ve recently worked closely with Vivienne Westwood – what about her, her brand and all that it represents, resonated with you?
She celebrated imperfections when the rest of the world couldn’t. She was unapologetically herself while always concerned by the needs of the collective. What’s not to love?
What kind of stories resonated with you growing up?
Peter Pan was a big thing for me when I was very young, which I think says a lot.
What other art forms inspire your art now? Or have informed your worldview?
I love drawing. It has the same ‘something from nothing’ element of making music. I’m also obsessed with patterns and shapes and angles which is more of a mental health thing. I love TV like Peep Show, things inspired by the edges and details of life.
Your music feels very personal, but is also told from the POV of a moniker – what does your moniker represent to you and why did you decide to create it?
Child is my middle name. It was also my dads so that’s a special connection for me. It represents a version of myself without fear – a place where I’m free to express how I feel without any judgement.

Do you feel vulnerable releasing any of the tracks on the album? How do you balance that with the need to share and connect as an artist?

Yes, I do. But I also take a lot of strength from sharing the personal story and experiences. Ultimately I would like to be able to live without shame so I try and practice what I preach.

Where can we watch you live next, and how do you want us to experience this album live?
I have a run of headline shows starting in October which will be my first and just lots of festivals in Europe over the next month. The live show is where I am really at my best/happiest.
Looking forwards, is there anything you want to tick off your bucket list this year?
Make the best second album of all time. Play in Japan.
If you could be known for anything as an artist, what would it be?
I mean what I say.

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