Storming her way to the top, we talk to Dina Ayada about her surreal overnight success, world domination, and plans for the future.

Dina Ayada makes it look easy. Jumpstarting her career at an electrifying pace, the 19-year-old is surging ahead, sparking something new with the moreish track, ‘Hummer’. A slew of viral tracks paved the way for Dina’s success, turning her life upside down and becoming an overnight sensation. From studying a law degree to Playboi Carti co-signs, and packing up for a life in LA to focus on her music, Dina has been on a whirlwind journey. The polymath is wise beyond her years, capturing a sound that gets to the heart of contemporary music with effortless elegance and an undisputed cool.


Her sound glides around various genres, refusing to stay in one lane. There’s an obvious hyper-pop throb, a smattering of futuristic glitchy production, and chunky bedroom R&B beats, all tied up in sumptuous melodies. This candid experimentation has won over the internet’s ears. Blowing up with tracks like ‘Miles Away’ and ‘Popular’, she knows exactly what she wants to make and won’t be boxed in, holding her own and reminding people she’s just getting started.


The Belgian artist is taking a fresh perspective on genre, showcasing a level of dynamism that’s apparent on her new single, ‘Hummer’. Experimenting with swelling beats layered with her euphoric melodies and catchy hooks, she paints a spectral palette artfully mixed with different shades.


2024 is set to be a massive milestone for Dina. With a hefty schedule of shows on the horizon, and in an adrenaline-induced daze fresh off the single release, we check in with the pan-genre prodigy to talk all things from being a viral sensation to holding your head high in a cutthroat industry.

Congratulations on the release of ‘Hummer’! What have you carried from your previous work and what have you changed sonically on the track?

Thanks! With ‘Hummer’, I wanted to keep the vibe of my other songs but also try out some new sounds. I stuck with my catchy melodies and lyrics but I got a bit wild with the beats and sounds. I think of it like adding extra spice to a recipe you already love. It’s still totally me, just with a fresh twist. ‘Hummer’ and the rest of my upcoming EP is the next chapter in my musical journey, where I’m still me but also trying out cool new things.

‘Hummer’ feels like a fresh summer song, perfect for driving with the windows down. What are some of your favourite summer tunes we should add to our playlist?

It’s hard to pick but let me give you guys 3 of my favourites that you should definitely check out.  ‘Wassam’ by Gunna, this song is so good and has been on repeat lately. I love the whole new album. It feels surreal that I get to go on tour with him. I can’t wait for that experience! ATM’ by Anycia is totally my vibe right now. I love Anycia. Her new project is fire!NOT DA 2′ by Concrete Boys, is one of my favourite projects right now. I love their style and the energy they have together as a group. I feel like it’s been a while since there has been a collective like this in music and I love to see it.

The track spans multiple genres, from hard rap to bedroom R&B and a touch of hyperpop. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

My sound is like a musical journey through different worlds! Imagine if you took the energy of hard-hitting rap, the intimacy of bedroom R&B, and the futuristic vibes of hyperpop, and mixed them all together. It’s like a colour palette of sounds and emotions, where each song is its own adventure. Whether you’re vibing out to some heavy beats or getting lost in dreamy melodies, there’s always something new to discover in my music. So if you’re up for a wild ride that’s both familiar and unexpected, you’ll definitely want to give it a listen.

 Given that you’re building your discography and have such a loyal fanbase, how does it feel to be in the eye of the storm of the industry so early in your career? And what’s your favourite way to unwind from it all

Being in the eye of the industry storm so early in my career is thrilling and surreal. It’s amazing to see the impact my music is having and to connect with such a supportive fanbase. At the same time, it can also be overwhelming at times, with all the attention and pressure that comes with it. To unwind, I like to disconnect and recharge in nature. Whether it’s going for a hike in the mountains, spending a day at the beach, or just taking a quiet walk in the park, being outdoors helps me clear my mind and find balance. 

Your debut single ‘Miles Away’ became an overnight viral track, showcasing a unique blend of glitchcore and R&B. Can you tell us more about how that track came together?

‘Miles Away’ was really a magical moment in the studio. My producer, Chuki Beats, and I were vibing together during a session in Antwerp, my hometown. In the viral video, we recorded the whole process of how I create my songs, thanks to my creative director who had just started working with me and captured everything on camera. It was a spontaneous session where I didn’t even listen to the beat beforehand. I trust Chuki completely, so he picks a beat that matches the vibe I’m feeling. The process is pretty organic for me. As soon as I step into the booth, I start freestyling and finding melodies that resonate with me. We didn’t actually finish ‘Miles Away’ until a few days later, just before leaving for Los Angeles, which turned out to be another life-changing trip. It’s funny how things lined up because I had been telling my manager for a while that I wanted to go to LA. So, we booked the trip, and just a couple of days after posting a TikTok, the song started blowing up like crazy. Suddenly, I was getting messages from artists, producers, and labels, and it was all just so surreal. It will always hold a special place in my heart because it was the track that really kicked everything off for me.

How have you navigated internet stardom? Did you ever expect your music to explode in the way it has?

Navigating internet stardom has been exciting but challenging. I never expected my music to explode in the way it has, so it’s been a bit of a whirlwind journey. One of the biggest challenges has been staying true to myself and my vision while also dealing with the pressure and attention that comes with being in the spotlight. I’ve had to learn how to manage my time and energy effectively, especially with the constant stream of notifications and messages from fans and industry folks. It’s been important for me to stay grounded and focused on my craft, even when things get overwhelming. At the same time, internet stardom has opened up so many opportunities for me. It’s allowed me to connect with fans from all over the world and collaborate with artists and producers that I admire. It’s been a crazy ride, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. As for whether I expected my music to explode like this, the honest answer is no. I always believed in my music and my vision, but I never could have predicted the level of success and recognition that I’ve achieved. It’s been a humbling experience, and I’m incredibly grateful for all the support I’ve received. 

With co-signs from Playboi Carti, SkiMask the Slump God and Saweetie, how do you try and block out the noise and focus on becoming the best artist you can be?

Getting recognition from people like this has been incredibly validating and motivating for me. It’s amazing to have that kind of support from artists that I look up to and admire. But at the end of the day, I try to focus on my own journey and becoming the best artist I can be. It’s important to me to stay true to myself and my vision, regardless of external validation or pressure. To block out the noise and stay focused, I try to maintain a balance between staying connected with my fans and the industry while also carving out time for myself to create and grow as an artist. Surrounding myself with a supportive team and community has also been key in helping me stay grounded and focused on my goals. Ultimately, my goal is to continue pushing myself creatively and evolving as an artist, and having the support of fellow artists only fuels that drive even more.

Which artists inspired you to become a musician?

Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, and Remy Ma have all been major inspirations for me on my journey as a musician. Kanye’s boundary-pushing production and fearless creativity have always inspired me to push the limits of my own sound. Lauryn Hill’s raw honesty and powerful storytelling has influenced my approach to songwriting and lyricism. And Remy Ma’s confident delivery and unapologetic attitude have inspired me to stay true to myself and my vision as an artist. Each of these artists has left a lasting impact on me, shaping not only my music but also my identity as an artist. Drake has been a huge inspiration for me as well. His versatility as an artist, from his catchy hooks to his introspective lyrics, has shown me the importance of exploring different sides of myself. His ability to blend different genres and styles together has also influenced my own approach to music-making.  

What has been the biggest learning curve in your career so far?

One of the biggest learning curves in my career has been navigating the music industry as a female artist. It’s been about asserting myself in a male-dominated industry, proving my abilities, and staying true to myself despite pressures to fit into certain molds. It’s taught me resilience, self-confidence, and the importance of authenticity in my music. The biggest learning curve has been navigating the music industry as a whole. From understanding the complexities of contracts and negotiations to mastering the art of self-promotion and networking, every step has been a lesson. It’s taught me resilience, adaptability, and the importance of staying true to my artistic vision while also being open to growth and collaboration. 

Dina Ayada rules the world for the day, what’s going down?

If I ruled the world for a day, it would be a day of spreading love, kindness, and positivity. I’d focus on promoting equality and justice for all, working towards a world where everyone feels valued and respected. It would be a day filled with music, laughter, and celebration of the beauty and diversity of the world. 

What does the rest of 2024 have in store for Dina Ayada? Any exciting news on the horizon?

The rest of 2024 is shaping up to be amazing! I have some exciting projects in the works, including new music releases, collaborations with fellow artists, and maybe even some surprises along the way. I’m also looking forward to connecting with my fans through live performances and events both in person and online. Overall, it’s going to be a year filled with creativity, growth, and unforgettable moments, and I can’t wait to share it all with you. 

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