Hidden gem Finn Harry shares the road that has led to his ambitious and freeform debut EP, '0'.

Having grown up as a classically trained trumpet player, Finn Harry recently graduated into a boundless world in which he struggled to find his true passions. Fortunately, a flair for sound design garnered a close friend circle that has helped him discover his own identity within the overwhelming landscape of LA.


Crediting his unique sonic imprint to rock, hip-hop and soundtracks in equal measure, he combines the three with moody and distorted soundscapes enhanced by slick production and an entrancing aesthetic to form art that’s as surprising as it is exciting.


After clashing cutting guitars with rich beats on singles like “MURDER” and “SPLIT THE POWER”, Finn has followed his impulses to create something more cinematic on his upcoming debut mixtape, ‘0’; a free-flowing experience defined by striking moments, not succumbing to structural conventions of our time.


With this multi-faceted project only hinting at the heights of his ambition, Finn Harry reveals some of the influences and intentions behind his journey so far.

What daily routine are you obsessed with?

I like to run and work out every morning. Doing something active for my body frees up my mind.

What was your last impulse buy?

The most recent one is this stupid tattoo which cost me $200, some super nice place in LA did it and I only found out the price afterwards. It’s literally just a smiley face on my arm.

What is your favourite song at the moment?

I’m really feeling “90210” by Travis Scott this week. It’s one of the best-produced songs I’ve ever heard, and it really sums up why I love hip-hop.

What is the greatest thing you’ve discovered about yourself through others?

I started to realise that my favourite music that others made was when they were completely unfiltered; doing what they wanted to do without trying to appease anyone else. When my friends make music strictly for their own enjoyment, they make their best music. Upon seeing that from the outside, I realised that it applies to me too.

Apple or Android?

Apple. I just want to use whatever is the easiest and most polished, which to me is always an iPhone.

What is the most pivotal relationship in your life right now?

My grandfather was definitely one of the most important people in my life and his recent passing gives me a different lease on life. I want to carry on with his spirit and his creativity in my own way.

What’s your go-to party trick?

I’m pretty nasty on a piano and can play some random things. I learnt an over-the-top rendition of the opening to Smash Bros Melee, that’s always a flex to whip out at a party.

What is your main goal for the next year?

I have so much music and I want to make sure I can get it all out there. Being too much of a perfectionist has prevented that and hurt me in the past; I hold onto things for too long, so I’m trying to reverse that.

What should people expect from your debut EP, ‘0’?

It’s a bunch of free-flowing moments as opposed to playlist-able songs; a pretty unconventional tour through some of the different musical worlds that I like to inhabit. It has a beaten, grungy aesthetic at times but also features a lot of the more atmospheric and cinematic sound design that I’m obsessed with.

Listen to Finn Harry's new track below:

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