Say hello to Harrison Mayo, the independent singer/songwriter creating honest pop music that focuses on quality, not quantity.

Welcome to Fresh Face, a new quick-fire interview series spotlighting the best rising talents in today’s youthful music scene. From biggest pet peeves to party tricks and death row meals, we’re stripping things back from the usual formal Q&A format. Think of it like speed dating, but with some of the freshest music makers worth discovering.

Emerging from the small island of Jersey and moving to London at the age of 15, Harrison Mayo stands out from your usual pop artists, always staying true to himself. A self-taught pianist and guitarist, the 24-year-old provides an extremely personal and free thinking portfolio of lyricism which is surrounded by nostalgic and groovy instrumentals. All combined together, it makes for some highly individualistic and genuine pieces of music.


Harrison’s clear focus and detailed approach to songwriting allow him to offer up overarching tracks that everyone can relate to. A true storyteller, the independent artist is adamant on creating music that stands the test of time, music that’s popular, different and truly authentic. Highlighting the importance of not only being honest in his music but honest with himself, Harrison also hopes to continue developing a quality over quantity musical identity. Inspired by the likes of Frank Ocean, his ultimate goal is for people to be able to hear his growth in artistry, creativity and storytelling with every new release.


Harrison has already shared two collaborative singles this year, “Where I’m At” with nimino, in which he showcases soothing, melodic vocals, and “You Got the Light” with Niels, where Harrison displays an almost rap-like, masterful flow. The next few months won’t slow down for the rising artist, releasing a rollout of tracks that will lead up to a much anticipated EP later in 2022.


With true potential, a unique perspective and bona fide integrity, Harrison Mayo is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. The best is yet to come.


Now, let’s get to know him a little better…

What have you learned about yourself since the start of 2020?

I function better by letting things happen organically – its the best way. Not being too pressed if things don’t work out, just know there’s other reasons you’re on the path you’re on. Basically the importance of staying present and level headed, as that way you see everything as an opportunity instead of a hindrance.

The biggest misconception about being a musician?

That you wake up everyday creative and singing or writing. Writing songs isn’t always easy, sometimes the process happens all in one session, sometimes it takes weeks/months/years etc to get something finished to the level you’re happy with. Plus life is always active in other departments so you can’t always focus as much as you’d like.

If you could write a song with any music icon, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Frank Ocean and Michael Jackson. They’re both just such legendary pioneers in their own fields. Truly authentic and such interesting characters too.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

People that lack basic manners, the world would operate much more smoothly if people had basic respect for one another 🙂

One thing you want to change about the music industry?

The amount artists/songwriters/producers get paid, especially from streams. And to give more recognition to the “smaller cogs” in the “machine” that make it all work such as sound engineers etc.

What would be your death row meal?

Smoked aubergine with tabbouleh salad and humous in pita bread or spaghetti bolognese.

Three things that inspire you outside of music?

Anything outdoors and surrounded by nature – I especially love whales and cetaceans. Spontaneous interactions with strangers. Travelling anywhere different/unfamiliar.

The Grammys. Overrated or underrated?


Best live performance you’ve ever seen?

Black Eyed Peas – The E.N.D concert at the O2 or Tyler, The Creator on the Igor tour.

What’s your party trick?

The worm.

Finish the sentence: I feel happiest when…

I’m outside or underwater 🙂

Listen to Harrison Mayo's latest single below: