Recently garnering widespread and well-earned attention, Lizzie Esau tells us about the successful months behind and the exciting road ahead.

London-born but Geordie-bred, artistic expression has remained a constant in Lizzie Esau’s life. Growing up around creative parents and soon discovering her own musical ambitions, she claims to have been jotting down her thoughts and rhymes since the age of five.


Although still a student, Lizzie has certainly discovered where her passions lie. The last couple of years have seen her handwritten notes transform into an impressive discography, one that has attracted a team of creatives to embellish her own direction – a direction that has led her straight onto several highly coveted playlists, too.


Benefitting from the mixing work of Adrian Bushby (Muse, Foo Fighters, Spice Girls) on new single ‘Bleak Sublime’ – the track explores the highs of drunk euphoria, alongside the lows of not being able to replicate them while sober. Lizzie is shifting in an alternate direction that still resonates with the guitar-based groups she often finds herself supporting.


Still growing up and maturing her sound, Lizzie Esau gives us a solid idea of her current position and future intentions. Dive in!

Is there something thing you do every day?

Many things. I brush my teeth every day, I walk my dog every day, I go to the toilet every day. I go to the toilet a lot, actually, it’s a problem. When we’re in the ‘van’, I always drink so much water… it’s a nightmare.

If you could bring one past trend back to the mainstream, what would it be?

Sharing pictures of cats. No, I really like wearing low-rise jeans and I think it’s all gone a bit too high-waisted now. With fashion in general, the 90s scrunchie looks were great.

What was the first website you visited on the Internet?

When I first got internet on my phone, I thought all people did was Google cat pictures, I thought that’s just what it was for. I would just sit and look at cat pictures all day. There was a really cute one sat in a teacup.

If you make one person be your friend, who would it be?

I’d obviously love to be best friends with Harry Styles. I feel like Alan Carr would be a great laugh as well. I just feel like we’d get along, we’d have a good night out together.

What is your favourite drink, alcoholic or otherwise?

I like shots, I’m a shots girl – Tequila’s the one for me. It’s a tradition at the end of our shows, we have to do a tequila shot. If we’re allowed to party after, that’s normally how we get started. If it’s more chilled, I always love a Desperados but it has to be with fresh lime, never lime cordial.

Are there any sayings that you find yourself repeating?

I say ‘d’you know what I mean’ all the time, and my friends proper call me out for it. Our group chat is even called ‘d’you know what I mean’.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

When someone is the designated car DJ and they won’t let the song play. If you’re gonna play me a song, play me a song. Don’t play me ten seconds of five songs.

If you could live within the world of one film universe, where would you choose?

Lord Of The Rings for sure, I’m a huge fan. I’d live in The Shire with the Hobbits, or Rivendell with the elves.

Do you have a favourite song at the moment?

It changes every day, but I’ve been listening to The Amazons a lot; their new track ‘Ready For Something’ has a really cool riff that I can’t get out of my head lately. We’re supporting them in October at Boiler Shop, see you there!

Stream "Bleak Sublime" below: