Meet Milo Clare, the funk rockstar in the making, as he reveals his dream dinner party line-up, the fashion trend he'd revive, and more.

North London artist Milo Clare has been surrounded by art and artists throughout his life. As a child, he’d absorb classic artists like The Cure, The Clash and The Roots from his music-loving mother, while gaining a crash course in studio life under the wing of Massive Attack producer Howie B. It’s an upbringing that mirrors his present situation as part of an artists’ collective in King’s Cross, where musicians, writers and actors trade insights and encourage one another to inspiration as part of a vibrant creative community.


Clare has taken all those lessons learned and weaved them over the years into his own art, and 2022 is the year where he has chosen to let the world show what he’s all about. His debut single “Electric Connect” dropped earlier this year, receiving support across 6 Music, Radio 1, and the music press. It’s a tune that makes you sit up and pay attention, weaving in chilled modern sounds influenced by the likes of Anderson .Paak and a classic funk sensibility that’s as timeless as can be.


With his second single, “Texas”, Clare is continuing the drive towards his debut EP drop with already-signature confidence, playfully evoking the messy romances of the deep South from his home in the somewhat chillier north London. He’s going from strength to strength, so we caught up with him to

  • Photo Credit: Joshua Heavens Onabowu

If you could bring three music icons to a dinner party, dead or alive, who would you bring?

I actually think about this so much and can never decide! Today’s answer: Bowie, Hendrix and Andre 3000 – best dressed gets the last slice.

The biggest misconception about being a musician?

That we’re oversensitive, never on time, and take lots of drugs. When in reality, I’m never late to meet my dealer.

If you could revive one fashion trend, which would it be?

I’d go with David Bowie’s early 80’s Gentleman style. His style in that phase is something I take accents from rather than commit to fully but what I admire about him was just how ground-breaking those looks were. Cuban collars, long double-breasted coats, Cuban heeled boots and wide peak lapelled jackets – he paved the way for so much of the fashion we have today. The gender fluidity of style in 2022 owes a lot to that man.

One thing you want to change about the music industry?

I wish we could move towards a space where artists had more freedom and flexibility to span genres and invent new ones. There is a tendency to pigeonhole musicians in a society that seems obsessed with compartmentalisation. I think we all have more sides to ourselves than we often get to show.

Three things that inspire you outside of music?

Friends are at the top of the list – my people are doing amazing things right now across so many industries. Stand up comedy and comedian podcasts – the open way they talk about their lowlights makes me feel connected but leaves me smiling. And fashion; I love threads I can’t lie.

What are you currently obsessed with?

Myself of course, I’m a musician! Also bookish brunettes and Lao Gan Ma black bean chilli sauce – they both hold a special place in my heart!

Finish the sentence: I feel happiest when…

I hit a certain biting point in songwriting, and everything is in its right place. In that moment you feel a rush; you’ve just solved a puzzle – that instance of joy is cinematically scored by what you’ve just created. I’m addicted to that feeling.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Chicken, rice and peas… just like grandma used to make!

Biggest goal for 2022?

Local funk musician becomes trainee rockstar!

If there was a film made about your life, what would it be called?

Reservoir Frogs, Glorious Bastard or Once Upon a Time in North London.

Listen to Milo Clare's latest single "Texas" below:

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