We caught up with Swiss-Angolan artist North Naim to find out his party trick, ultimate style icon, and the events of a recent run-in with 500 seagulls.

North Naim is an artist resisting singular definition. With singer, rapper, producer and multi-instrumentalist a few labels of his talent, his new single “444” encompasses the power of Naim’s ability musically to do it all.


Growing up in Basel, Switzerland, Naim found inspiration in a counter-cultural community of creatives who called themselves ‘La Main’. This environment spawned Naim’s 19-year-old breakthrough persona, Zola. Subsequently shifting his focus to ‘fully doing his own thing’ after a move to Berlin, North Naim was born.


Following from his debut release “River”, “444” serves both as a musical evolution and a mission statement. Featuring a heavy guitar cut, Naim describes the track as focussing on “amplifying life and healing through the frequency of music.” In our quick-fire interview, we found out his party trick, why his dad is the ultimate style icon, and the events of a recent run-in with 500 seagulls. Dive in!

Three things that inspire you outside of music?

Daydreaming, travelling, friends and family.

What’s your party trick?

Going from crane pose to a handstand.

What song always gets you hyped when you hear it in the club?

Drexciya – Andreaen Sand Dunes

Wildest thing that’s happened to you lately?

I was walking home and crossed a bridge that is usually empty. This time there were around 500 seagulls sitting on it. They were all screaming and seemed mad. It was scary but beautiful at the same time.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

A bowl of black rice, lentils, carrots and broccoli, baked sweet potatoes, some mozzarella and a salad.

Biggest goal for 2022?

Going on tour with my friend and drummer Dave Fluetsch. Would be cool to travel, play in different countries and connect through music.

Never have I ever…

Been homesick.

Who’s your style icon?

My father. Even though I grew up with my mom, I always felt connected to him through style. As far as icons, I’ll go with Prince. I love the way he was dressing up and wasn’t afraid of change.

Biggest irrational fear?

The fear of being fully understood. Maybe it sounds a bit weird, but I’ve always felt comfortable having a certain amount of mystery around myself. I started realizing lately that it’s a really old, deep-seated fear that isn’t serving me at all.

Stream '444' below: