Independent UK artist, Jupiter Grey, drops his latest single “From 80’s With Love” - an ode to retro sounds with a futuristic twist

Following on from the success of his last release “Is It Ever The Same” earlier this year, Jupiter Grey keeps up the momentum and teases more from his upcoming album FIRES ON THE MOON, in the form of “From 80’s With Love”. The track continues Jupiter Grey’s mission of creating experimental soundscapes by blending the old and the new – highlighting the artist’s ability to push the R&B genre to revolutionary heights.


Speaking more on the single, Jupiter Grey elaborates: ‘I was in the studio with my producer VagueEightySix, and he played me the production. I was in a weird mood that day, so the production lifted my spirits but the words that I started writing weren’t so positive. The song is about being in a relationship and realising that you’re missing the most important thing that’s needed, which is love. The lyrics are a conversation I had with myself about never really feeling good enough and loved.’


The juxtaposition of Grey’s distinctive sound with his pensive and introspective lyrics ensures “From 80’s With Love” is an enthralling listen. With his album FIRES ON THE MOON set to be released on the 19th of November, this UK talent is set for a meteoric rise.

Listen to audio below: