Carving out his own style, established rapper-producer Joey Trap releases the 11-track new project 'FROM THE BACK TWICE'.

Streaming platforms have grown in popularity because of their ease of use and ease of access to the multitude of artists and the ability to discover your new favorite artist more easily. However, as an artist, it makes it harder to get plays when you’re fighting to grab the spotlight. But Joey Trap and his new EP, ‘FROM THE BACK TWICE’, have managed to break through and create waves in the streaming world.


Joey has been featured on some of the biggest Spotify playlists, including New Music Friday, West Side Story, Internet People, and Most Necessary, which has more than 2.7M followers. He has been on Most Necessary five times, with many praising his unique sound and music style. Joey’s success can be attributed to his ear for a balanced mix of beats and the instinct to know what his listeners can’t wait to hear.


Joey has carved out his own style, enabling him to share his message perfectly. He borrows from different sounds he grew up listening to and combines this with a modern sound.

Joey was partly raised in the Bronx, New York, and San Diego. He moved to San Diego when he was in high school, which was where he began writing music. But Joey had been listening to music since he was a young child. He taught himself how to play the piano by ear when he was 8, an experience he says deeply inspired him to venture into production, and he then went on to learn how to produce his own beats by ear.

He describes his sound as “an evolving” one that keeps his fans on their toes. Joey’s music highlights different things happening in society today and shares bits of his story. In one of his songs, “Brace,” Joey talks about his journey in the industry and how he used to question why he hadn’t blown up like other artists, but he now understands that it is because he wasn’t meant to burn out so quickly either.


Joey has also written and released “Tables”, which has more than 37M streams on Spotify alone, “Sesame,” “Damn It,” and “Nemo.” His most recent EP, ‘FROM THE BACK TWICE’, is Joey’s first of the year and gained over 70,000 streams in just one week.


Since his debut, Joey has released over 20 albums, including ‘No Time To Die’, ‘Trapped in Tokyo’, and ‘Loyalty’. He has risen above the hardships and built a solid name for himself in the music industry and across digital streaming platforms. Joey has more than 50M combined plays on Spotify and 67M on YouTube. His work has drawn comparisons to the likes of XXXTentacion and Travis Scott.


As he continues to build his brand, Joey is a source of inspiration to other artists. He is showing younger artists through his journey and music that, despite the challenges, it is possible to reach the top. His latest EP, ‘FROM THE BACK TWICE’, is available on YouTube, Spotify, and other streaming platforms.