Alt-pop prodigy Sharky captures playful summer blues in the music video for her new track, "Fruit".

Alt-pop darling Sharky returns to the charts with a release from her transcendent upcoming EP “Fruit”. The track, which doubles as a title for the album, is a playful soundscape that pairs pop melodies with spacious vocals and folk influences.  The upcoming EP on which “Fruit” features was produced in collaboration with UK bass duo Speakman Sound. Disillusioned with creating music as a solo artist, Sharky moved to London and after partnering with the Speakmans found new energy as a musician. This much is clear by the zealous, beautifully complex music coming from Sharky since their partnership, which has taken her all the way to Glastonbury this year.

The inspiration for “Fruit” came from a trip to Morocco where the soundscape of the buzzing markets produced a quirky sonic meditation on human nature and self-preservation. The accompanying music video has the aesthetic of an 80s film reel with a zany, melancholic sensibility, drawing from Sharky’s love of visual art and surrealists. The result is a carefree video that is fascinating in its spirited, highly-stylised simplicity.

If “Fruit” is just a taste of the new music to come from avant-soul singer Sharky, we can’t wait to dig our teeth into her new EP coming out August 16th. Watch the exclusive release of the music video below and catch Sharky headlining at The Victoria on September 11th – grab your tix here tomorrow!