Thirteen year old TikTok star, Trey Makai, adds to his impressive list of achievements with new song "Full Speed Falling".

With over 3.3 million followers on his TikTok, 552,000 followers on Instagram and 205,000 subscribers on YouTube, at just thirteen years old, Trey Makai has gained more recognition than most artists do in a whole lifetime.


Born and raised in Salt Lake City, the young star already has his fingers in a lot of pies, from social media to acting. Next on the agenda is launching his musical career, with his debut release “Full Speed Falling”. With its addictive melody, soaring synths and Trey’s bouncing pop vocals, “Full Speed Falling” is an impressive first release, signalling good things ahead for the rising singer. Speaking on his new track, Trey explains, ‘”Fall Speed Falling” is a track about falling in love and the feelings involved with a first crush and the lengths you would go for them’.


With singles “Stir Crazy” and “Red Eye” set for release later in the year, keep an eye out for Trey as he conquers his next mountain.

Listen to "Full Speed Falling" below: