American music and dance outfit Futrell drop retro love song “Gone” following summer release “New New”.

Futrell are a quartet of brothers consisting of Daivon, Ditanian, Desmond and Dominic Futrell. Forming in 2014, the group soon scoped their love for the arts into what we now know as their music and dance project; aptly named Futrell.  


Proving that the boy band era is still thriving, Futrell’s debut live show saw the group perform with The Jacksons in LA in celebration of the life and legacy of the late Michael Jackson. Since then, the group have been on an ascending journey having previously been mentored by Otis William, and played a string of live dates with renowned artists Stevie Wonder, Babyface, Akon, Janelle Monae and countless others.


Bringing you back to the late 90s with their nostalgic sound of smooth R&B and soul, brand-new single “Gone” sees the brothers returning with effortless harmonies for a steamy love song. 

Stream "Gone" by Futrell below: