Following the release of his latest album, The Charles Worth LP, Chip Tha Ripper was able to remind tens of thousands of fans just how good a rapper he could be. As 2024 gets underway, he’s plotting out another busy year.

In 2023, Cleveland rap artist Chip Tha Ripper was able to ring in the New Year, knowing that he still held the mantle of being one of the top hip-hop names in the US.


As a rap artist, he has released over a dozen albums and mixtapes over the last 17 years. He has a Platinum-certified single named ‘Just What I Am’ with his frequent collaborator Kid Cudi. He is responsible for one of the most iconic viral online moments of all time – the ‘Interior Crocodile Alligator’ freestyle rap, which he performed off-the-cuff back in 2007 on PrettyBoy Floy’s Street Starz Radio show and which now boasts over a billion views across social media channels.


But the end of 2023 meant an end to one of Chip’s most productive years yet. In November 2023, he shared his long-awaited new album, The Charles Worth LP. The 21-track album was a sprawling odyssey of a record. It cast an eye over the artist’s Cleveland background, with songs explaining how he went from being a streetwise freestyle rapper to a significant international artist who rubs shoulders with other big names in the business.


At the start of 2024, Chip gave a shoutout to his 300k followers on Instagram, saying he was “grateful for whoever is reading this and all the blessings, love & support.” He suggested that he had been taking stock of his success over the last few months – but he’s also been making big plans for what 2024 will hold.


Chip Tha Ripper has teased that fans will get plenty of music videos in the near future, with some of The Charles Worth LP’s essential tracks, like the bouncing hit single ‘Pullin’ Up,’ getting visuals in the coming months. Explaining his plans, Chip said on social media, “[My goal] is to get more visual content to my fans.”


Fans have also been pleading with Chip and Kid Cudi to share more about the music they’ve worked on together. The duo, experimenting with songs under the ‘Almighty GloryUs, ‘ teased fans last year by dropping hints that they’ll share their collaborations in 2024.


Then, following the release of Kid Cudi’s new album Insano, the artist posted a message on X (Twitter) in January, saying: “There are 3 ALMIGHTY GLORIOUS cuts on the deluxe [version of the album].” Chip confirmed the news, responding to the post and adding: “AT LEAST!!!”


For now, though, Chip Tha Ripper fans can content themselves with the artist’s newest album, which is still receiving rave reviews. The Charles Worth LP is a reminder of Chip’s excellent lyricism – and how bright he’ll continue to shine in the years to come.

Listen to The Charles Worth LP now: