Stopping off for the London leg of his recent tour, Australian artist Genesis Owusu takes us behind the scenes, from backstage to centre stage at Heaven.

Soundchecking for the London show. I’ve barely been in this city but they’ve always been right by me. Getting ready to put on a show for the ages!
Honestly, one of the most exciting parts of tour is finding a moment to sleep. I’ll take the opportunity any chance I get, because they’re sparse.
Me and the support act for tonight, Master Peace. This guy has crazy energy on and off stage. He got into the venue like an explosion while I was napping and damn near shook me awake with his energy.
This tour has been my first time doing shows totally solo, just me on stage. It’s been an experience. 30 minutes before stage time, getting ready in solitude.
When it comes to the clothes I wear on stage, they’re usually made or styled by me and my friends. This time around I’m wearing the clothes of this young Australian designer named Luca Stucci.
The show is a sermon, a narrative and a physical experience. Sweaty, seething, chaotic and very loving. I hope you can join me one day.
Reading from my holy book of non-answers. Think of the briefcase from Pulp Fiction. All the things you want to know but will never know.
Heart hands and heart eyes from me to you.
We're all in this together, shout out High School Musical one time.
Thank you, London. A magical experience as always. 'Till next time!

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