Notion has the exclusive premiere of drag queen-turned-pop star Tia Kofi's new tune, "Get Better".

Tia Kofi’s career has been one of striving for ever greater success. Claiming the throne of the Pop Princess of Drag is a tough task, but she’s been more than willing to step up, both in and out of her musical career. She achieved massive domestic success with her debut EP ‘Part 1: The Damages’ – its title gesturing to Kofi’s confidence in the future – topping the iTunes pop charts and its singles acquiring millions of streams each.


Outside music, Kofi has proven to be a reliably entertaining presence in such varied places as the BBC Winter Olympics coverage and reality shows Eating With My Ex and Celebrity Ex in the City, burnishing her reputation as a do-it-all entertainer.

Music is of foremost importance to Kofi, however, and she’s ready to prove that once more with her new single “Get Better”, for which Notion has the exclusive premiere. It’s a triumphantly uplifting slice of electro-pop that prioritises empowerment and resilience in the face of heartbreak. Kofi’s message of positivity is both specific and universal, creating an optimistic call to arms that can resonate with anybody trying to climb out of a difficult emotional state. It’s accompanied by a video that puts Kofi and her dancers in a blank landscape to act out their emotions, helping to emphasise the song’s sense of universality.


On the song, Kofi says, “‘Get Better’ is about recovering from a bad place of mental health and healing a broken heart. It’s about trying to believe in yourself again after your confidence has been knocked and someone has damaged you and caused you pain. There is the hope that you can put yourself back together and even find someone new who can help you feel whole again. It’s about someone trying to move on from the damage and find the antidote to that pain. That’s why the song is so important to me, because it reflects my real life.”

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